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Here you’ll find all our best templates, trainings and tools to plan, launch and scale a highly effective business podcast.

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Podcast Strategies: How to Create The Perfect Business Podcast

We give away 100% of our approach, templates and tactics that we use at Cashflow Podcasting to launch world-class podcasts. We hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Why do we give this away for free?

Simply put, we believe EVERYONE should be able to make an impact through podcasting, whether they can afford our services or not. Use the book to plan, launch and grow your own podcast, or hire us if you’d like some help.

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Tools & Trainings:

The Podcast Test: Will Podcasting Work For My Business?

Workshop: The top 3 most effective podcast formats.

Workshop: Brainstorm your first 10 podcast episode topics.


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  • The 3 Step Podcast Promotion Checklist (w/ Templates)
  • Podcaster’s Playbook: How to Turn Listeners Into Clients in 5 Steps
  • The Email Template to Get a $7,000 Podcast Sponsor
  • And much more…

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So what’s the catch?

Why would we just give away our whole process, tactics and scripts for free?

Simply put, the value we offer is the time we can save you. You can take the tactics we teach in the eBook and use them on your own to start a very successful podcast…

BUT these tactics will take time and significant effort to implement.

We’ve perfected a done-for-you process to plan, create and launch podcasts for businesses where our team handles the entire process so that you don’t have to do any busy work.

Instead, you get to talk about your area of expertise as the host of your own podcast.

So if you are strapped for cash, but have plenty of time, then I encourage you to use the tactics outlined in the eBook.

But if you are strapped for time, and have the cash, then that is where we can help.

Here’s How To Get Your Podcast Created and Launched For You in Just 6-8 Weeks…

You already know what your podcast is going to be about. You’ve spent months or years thinking about it, and developing your industry knowledge.

The time consuming part is turning your expertise into a podcast so it can start spreading your ideas, helping potential customers and getting you more clients.

That’s where we come in…

Here’s how the Podcast Launch Program process works:

Step 1: We ask for some background information on you, your brand and the vision you have for your podcast so we can hit the ground running.

Step 2: We have a 60 minute call where we outline and develop your podcast, artwork, intros & outros, and clarify how your podcast will generate leads and clients.

Step 3: Our team creates your podcast artwork, intros & outros, and we coach you through getting your podcasting equipment set up and recording your first 3 podcast episodes. We also have a 60 minute call to finalize your podcast elements and address any recording questions.

Step 4: We share our proven podcast launch strategy and have a 60 minute pre-launch call to dial in your podcast launch and make sure everything’s all set for your launch.

Step 5: Our team handles all the technical stuff for you:

  • We create and optimize your podcast’s RSS feed for optimal ranking in iTunes
  • We integrate your podcast with your existing website
  • We create a podcast page on your existing website
  • We edit, produce and write show notes for your first 3 podcast episodes
  • We schedule everything to publish on your launch day
  • We submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and all the top podcast directories
  • We check to make sure everything is 100% set for your podcast launch
  • We coach you through any questions you have, and ensure a fantastic launch
  • After your show goes live, you simply focus on talking about your expertise to record weekly episode content.

Our team will edit and produce your audio recordings into professional episodes, write up compelling and an engaging show notes post for each episode and schedule everything to publish automatically for you.

In other words, you get to be the host, we handle all the production and publishing for you.

You also get access to our Client Resource Center full of resources to help you hone your skills as a podcast host, integrate your podcast into your marketing efforts and maximize the results from your new show!

A podcast is the greatest business growth tool you’ll ever own and the Podcast Launch Program is designed to get your show started and transforming your audience into clients in just six to eight weeks.

It really is the easiest way for you to launch and host a premium podcast that generates ROI.

To start your podcast today, just click the ‘Schedule a Call’ button and we’ll take it from there!

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