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When my Podcaster’s Paradise members want someone to launch their podcast FOR them, I introduce them to Ben. I always know they’ll get the red carpet treatment and his launch process is ON FIRE!



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How to Get Top-Paying Podcast Sponsorships

How can I make money from podcasting? This is one of those questions I get all the time, and the first thing people tend to think of for podcast monetization is sponsorship. Of course, having someone pay you for a mention in your episodes seems like a no-brainer. But...

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Top 20 Podcasts For Coaches to Follow in 2020

Are you a coach or consultant looking to grow? You might be starting out, or already making 5 figures and looking to scale your impact to reach MORE folks you can help. While both can feel especially challenging at times, the truth is that there are plenty of...

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6 Steps to Get Amazing Guests On Your Podcast

Part of running a successful interview podcast is bringing on respected guests who have an intimate knowledge of your show topic or notable success within your field. But how can you even contact these people, let alone convince them to come on your show? It's not as...

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