Jake Hower from Fuzed is joining us this week to open up about the techniques that he has crafted for using podcasting as a source of lead generation for webinars, and the webinars to convert into sales. When executed properly, these strategies can really kick your media marketing up to the next level.

This episode is full of some seriously potent advice on how to implement these strategies, as well as tactics to KICKSTART your own business and see these results. You’ll get a brief glimpse at his insight below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What you can do to extend the functionality of your multimedia marketing
  • The importance of setting hard deadlines
  • How to use training and education as a means to get your audience to engage
  • How to lead your audience on a path that will ultimately convert them into customers


In the comments below:

What is the most CONVINCING way to drive your audience from a podcast to a webinar?


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