Are you a coach or consultant looking to grow?

You might be starting out, or already making 5 figures and looking to scale your impact to reach MORE folks you can help.

While both can feel especially challenging at times, the truth is that there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there scaling their own coaching businesses.

Better yet, many of them are willing to share how they are doing it through podcasts specifically aimed at helping coaches to succeed.

So in this article, I’m going to share the top 20 podcasts for coaches (along with a couple of episodes you definitely want to check out from each).

Whether your aim is to become a health, life, or business coach—or any other kind of coach for that matter—or you want to grow your existing coaching business, tune into these shows to learn from the coaches who have gone out there and done it themselves.


1. The Life Coach School Podcast

The Life Coach School Podcast is an excellent resource for Life Coaches and Weight Loss Coaches in particular to learn, grow, and become certified.

You’ll hear directly from the Master Coach Brooke Castillo to help you better understand the required skills and mindsets, as well as how to focus on serving the client to get them the results they seek.

Recommended Episodes:
Coaching for a Living
What it Takes to Make a Million Dollars


2. Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club

Rich Coach Club is hosted by Master Certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt and packed with inspiring ideas, pep talks, and interviews to help you build a strong, profitable coaching business in just about any field.

Susan’s approach combines old-school business savvy with new-school technologies to teach coaches how to significantly increase their income and build their dream practice.

Recommended Episodes:
5 Questions To Consider For Your 2020 Game Plan
Pitch Your Services Clearly And Make More Money


3. Online SuperCoach

The Online SuperCoach podcast comes from author, speaker, and coach AJ Mihrzad’s mission to help coaches create an ethical and profitable online income.

This show will teach you how to attract your ideal clients, how to convert them with high-ticket offers and sales webinars, and how to leverage your time using online coaching so you won’t have to trade hours for dollars.

Recommended Episodes:
Dean Graziosi & I Share Millionaire Success Habits
Zero to 7 Figures in 1 Month: Create A Simple Coaching Business Around Your Ideal Life with Rob Nixon


4. Make Money as a Life Coach

Make Money as a Life Coach teaches practical tools for becoming financially successful and getting past the biggest hurdle of making your first $2k as a coach.

Sales expert and Life Coach Stacey Boehman combines her sales experience and coaching wisdom to teach life coaches how to grow their businesses to $200k and beyond.

Recommended Episodes:
Determining Your Prices
Limiting Money Beliefs


5. Health Coach Conversations

Health Coach Conversations is hosted by The Health Coach Group founder, Cathy Sykora, and helps health professionals all around the world elevate their businesses to the next level and get more clients.

Cathy’s mission is to bring awareness, professionalism, and growth to the health coaching industry, and she started this podcast to give listeners the clarity, confidence, knowledge, and motivation to grow, fine-tune, and strengthen their businesses.

Recommended Episodes:
5 Best (and FREE) Methods to Launch and Grow Your Market
How to Get Customers Fast


6. Million Dollar Coaches

Million Dollar Coaches offers quick, to-the-point episodes that share tactics you can put to work in your coaching practice right away.

Host Taki Moore works with coaches to simplify their marketing, sales, and delivery so they can grow and scale their businesses, and his show is dedicated to doing the same for listeners.

Recommended Episodes:
How to ask for the money
Don’t use testimonials. Do this instead.


7. Coaches Rising Podcast

The Coaches Rising Podcast brings us tools, tips, and teachings from the world’s greatest coaches to help listeners to become transformational coaches themselves.

Coach, trainer, and entrepreneur Joel Monk hosts the podcast to further his commitment to awakening the leader that lives in all of us.

Recommended Episodes:
Coaching from Deep Service in times of Collapse
How to Enroll Clients and Create Amazing Proposals


8. Natural Born Coaches

Natural Born Coaches is hosted by Marc Mawhinney, a lifelong entrepreneur who started the show as a way to offer solid advice (without any fluff or BS) by interviewing some of the biggest names in the coaching world.

With over 600 episodes, the show gives coaches actionable strategies that they can put into action to get more clients and customers.

Recommended Episodes:
Jennifer McLean: Identifying Your Ideal Client
Nick Fortune: What The 1% Do (That The 99% Do Not)


9. Health Coach Academy

Health Coach Academy offers cutting edge strategies for the Certified Health Coach and clarifies the concepts that will make coaching businesses boom.

Host Omar Cumberbatch interviews experts of various disciplines to help listeners keep up with the latest health and wellness trends in order to better serve their clients.

Recommended Episodes:
Health Coaching, Walmart, and Sean Croxton
Creating Killer Content With Lori Kennedy


10. Why Can’t I?

Why Can’t I? comes to us from plant-based health coach turned life and business mentor for online coaches, Sarah Hagstrom.

Her episodes are designed to help you get over your fears and limiting beliefs around what’s possible for you and your life—including how to earn your first $1,000 online, how to quit your job with confidence, and more.

Recommended Episodes:
How to use Instagram to find health coaching clients
My launch process for selling coaching, courses & programs


11. Caffeine for the Soul

Caffeine for the Soul offers “espresso-sized” podcasts to wake you up to your deepest potential.

Host Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and best-selling author who has spent over 25 years in the coaching field—no doubt building up the wisdom he shares in his shows!

Recommended Episodes:
Six Words That Changed My Life
The Art of Teaching


12. Youpreneur FM

Youpreneur FM is hosted by Chris Ducker, an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and international keynote speaker.

This podcast brings you shows covering everything from building a personal brand and delegating to creating and launching online products/services and marketing yourself as the go-to leader in your industry.

Recommended Episodes:
How to Figure Out What Your Customers Need From You
Creating a Marketing Funnel that Works, with John Lee Dumas


13. BizChix

The Biz Chix Podcast teaches women entrepreneurs how to master their mindset, grow as leaders, refine their strategies, build their teams, and gain visibility in their industries.

Host Natalie Eckdahl, MBA, has 20 years of business experience and helps her clients own their role as CEO through her business trainings, on-air coaching calls, and expert interviews.

Recommended Episodes:
Design Your High-End Offer
Building a Business to Run Without You with Tera Marie Pupa

14. SuperFastBusiness®

SuperFastBusiness® is hosted by best-selling author James Schramko, who has spent the past 10 years helping over 3,000 entrepreneurs quickly double and triple their revenue.

His podcast covers online business tips, team building, business strategy, personal productivity, marketing, sales, and more.

Recommended Episodes:
4 Essentials Of A High-Converting Sales Offer
How To Use Value Contrast To Sell Your Membership – The Membership Series


15. LifeChanger Podcast

The LifeChanger Podcast is for personal trainers, fitness coaches, and health coaches looking to build a personal brand and grow their online businesses.

Host Sterling Griffin has helped hundreds of coaches quit their jobs and go full-time online doing what they love, and he created this podcast to show listeners how to do the same thing.

Recommended Episodes:
Philip Graham – Results Driven Business Coaching for High-Performance Fitness Entrepreneurs
Small Audience, Big Profits – How to make a BIG income from a SMALL audience in your online training biz


16. Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast

The Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast shares inspiring stories, wisdom, practical tips, habits, rituals, and how to acquire a more fulfilled lifestyle from the most talented entrepreneurs and minds around the world.

The show is hosted by Chris and Eric Martinez, who regularly help fitness professionals build a hybrid model of in-person and online fitness coaching businesses.

Recommended Episodes:
How to Discover your Purpose in Life to Help Others with Stephanie Rowe
How to Give your Coaching Clients the Best Experience, Retain Them, and Get More Referrals


17. The Art Of Coaching

The Art of Coaching is a weekly show aimed at getting to the core of what it takes to change attitudes and behaviors in the weight-room, boardroom, and everywhere in between.

The podcast was developed by host Brett Bartholomew after years of collecting data through extensive (and ongoing) experience coaching athletes and mentoring coaches in multiple disciplines from high school to professional.

Recommended Episodes:
The Value of a Strength Coach: Building a Blueprint for Your Career
Vulnerability In Leadership


18. 360 Health Biz Podcast

The 360 Health Biz Podcast is for health and wellness coaches or any holistic entrepreneur looking to build their online businesses.

It’s hosted by Kendra Perry and Christine Hansen, who grew their 6-figure health coaching businesses in only 3-years and have made it their mission is to help others do the same.

Recommended Episodes:
How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Tara Wagner
Why You Absolutely MUST Beta Test Before Launching a Program with Lori Kennedy


19. Healthy Hustle

Healthy Hustle offers real, tangible steps for the solopreneur that host Rachel Feldman wishes she would’ve known in year one of building her health coaching business.

The show is for health coaches who want to rapidly grow their business and covers topics such as niches, target audiences, client buyer avatars, and simple funnels.

Recommended Episodes:
How to Build a Thriving Group Program For Massive Impact
From Brick and Mortar to Online Maven With Amy Ramsey
How Tara and Beth Partnered Up & Published Their First Book


20. Excellent Executive Coaching

The Excellent Executive Coaching podcast brings examples of leadership coaching issues and provides tips, strategies, and resources that can resolve these challenges.

The host is Dr. Katrina Burrus, a First Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation in Switzerland and founding Board Member for ICF Switzerland.

Recommended Episodes:
Creating Moments of Meeting in Coaching
How to Coach with Noble Purpose.


BONUS PODCAST: Health and Fitness Coach Success Podcast

The Health and Fitness Coach Success Podcast is hosted by Registered Dietitian and Business Mentor, Valerie Elhurr.

She offers her expertise to help listeners attract qualified leads for their online coaching businesses, convert those leads into premium coaching clients, make a bigger impact, and become financially successful.

Recommended Episodes:
Where to Focus Your Time to Get Clients
Money Making Thoughts

*Full disclosure: This is one of the shows that started with our Podcast Launch Services. For the sake of keeping this list unbiased, it was not included in the official 20, but it is definitely worth checking out!*


So there you have it—my top 20 podcasts for coaches to check out in 2020!

If you’re looking to build a coaching business of any kind, make sure to dig into these shows on your commute to work, while doing chores, during your lunch break, or whenever you can.

Your coaching business will thank you.

And if you have more podcasts for coaches to suggest, share them in the comments below!

Ben Krueger
Written by Ben Krueger

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