This toolbox page was made with you in mind. I personally know how confusing, stressful and frustrating it can be to make a choice on what to use or buy for your podcast journey. Hopefully this page will ease your mind and help you with deciding what tools, services and products to use.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please know that I have experience and a relationship with these companies which is why I recommend them to you because they are helpful and useful. I do NOT promote these tools as a revenue source as affiliate commissions account for less than 5% of our revenue. I encourage you to only purchase these products if you feel they are the right fit for you and your business.


If you want to build your authority right, then you need to own your own domain and host your website. Bluehost makes it very easy and convenient, it’s no wonder why many podcasters use their service. With hosting cost at $3.95 per month, they’re beyond reasonable. Better yet, they have excellent customer service and as you build your authority, Bluehost lets add multiple domains if you need to create another website! Click this link to get your special discount off the regular price just for being an Authority Engine fan! 


As a business owner, you don’t have time to fiddle around with countless website themes and not to mention the setup! It was Joey Kissimmee’s mission to deliver a theme that resolves this issue specifically for podcasters. Joey created Appendipity, the only podcast theme builder in the field. There are currently 10 amazing themes to choose from with features to meet your podcast needs. Click here to start selecting your website theme that will rock your podcast out to the world!

Appendipity Themes


To always ensure that your podcast is always live and ready for anyone in the WORLD to hear your powerful message, Libsyn is the way to go. Not only do they host your podcast media files, they can provide you with advanced statistics, customizable smartphone app, educational tutorials, and great customer support. Not only that, but I’ve arranged for all Cashflow Podcasting fans to get their first month FREE with any regular Libsyn hosting plan. Just use the code “engine” on checkout to get your first month absolutely free.  Click here to get started with Libsyn


The best way to stand out as an authority in your field is with quality. Does your podcast have that quality sound that makes ears eager to hear more or shut off ? Auphonic makes audio mastering as easy as a click. Want more? Auphonic also offers automatic content delivery (to Libysn, Soundcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more), ID3 tagging, and iPhone & Android apps with on-board recording. Click this link to get started with Auphonic today.


Want to start a podcast but don’t know how to start? Feel like you need someone to take the wheel and launch the podcast for you? Cashflow Podcasting is the key to launching your show! They will design, build and launch a podcast for you and provide one-on-one coaching for long term success. Expose your brand to a whole new crowd of potential customers. Quickly become a knowledgable leader in your market. Drive hot, educated leads straight to your sales funnel. Most importantly, BUILD personal relationships with industry leaders and your customers.

Already have a podcast but tried of editing your own show? You bet Cashflow Podcasting is there to help you by taking the production off your hands so that you can focus on your business. In short, you record the content and they do the rest! Audio editing, show notes, transcripts, episode artwork, and publishing service. Click here to get more information.


Can you record your podcast straight from your computer’s microphone? Sure, if you want NO authority in your business and name. Having a microphone will give your voice and most importantly your message the quality it deserves to impact lives. As a traveling entrepreneur, the ATR2100 has given me the flexibility of recording anywhere I want with quality in mind. Below are the podcast microphones I highly recommend for podcasters.


Blue Yeti Microphone

Heil PR-40 microphone



One of the best ways to put your show together and refine your message is using an audio editing tool. There are many to choose from but the two that have served the podcasting space very well are Audacity and Adobe Audition. You can add other audio clips like your intro, outro, transition slips, sound effects, and promos. You can also take out the ums, ahs, and any other unwanted mistakes (or you can just hire Cashflow Podcasting to take care of all of that 😉 ). Click down below on the editing tool you’ll like to get started with.




Adobe Audition



By far, the #1 question I get from online influencers is whether or not podcasting is the right next step for them.  Well no more wondering, take the 7-minute “podcast success calculator” to know your company’s potential with podcasting AND get my free email series sharing the EXACT process we take our high-end clients through to plan and launch world class podcasts.

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