March 2023 has been a busy one in the world of podcasting! With new developments and changes happening left and right, it’s no wonder the industry has been humming with excitement. So, let’s take a deep dive into some of the juiciest updates that have kept us on the edge of our seats:

Ahead of podcasts coming to YouTube Music, YouTube Studio has rolled out the necessary support and Creator tools for it. Creators will get “Podcast-specific discovery and recommendation features, making it easier for your audience to find your podcast,” as well as an “option to be featured on” [US] and later availability in YouTube Music. 

Details on how Apple Podcasts distributes your show to listeners have been released, including information about some of the users of the Apple Podcasts catalog.

The most recent addition to the list of companies offering a free AI transcription tool is Riverside. This tool can transcribe both audio and video content and provides outputs in TXT and SRT formats.

On a similar note, Spreaker has partnered with Musixmatch to offer transcriptions for podcasts. Creators hosted on Spreaker will be able to automatically transcribe their podcasts; it uses the podcast:transcript feature to appear in supporting podcast apps.

The Mac app store has just released a new app for noise reduction called Hush. It utilizes AI to effectively remove background noise and reverb from spoken audio, boasting fewer artifacts and greater precision than previous methods according to the developer.

You can now embed YouTube videos in your episode pages on Transistor. 

Spotify has released a new feature that lets you add a poll or question to your episodes within the app. This is a great option for those focussing on audience engagement.

According to The Infinite Dial® 2023 report by Edison Research, with support from Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19, the percentage of Americans who listen to podcasts has reached an all-time high. 42% of Americans 12+ have listened to a podcast in the last month, a new all-time high and up from 38% in 2022., a platform renowned for its high-quality remote recording service, has expanded its offerings for podcasters with the introduction of its new monetization network. This network provides podcasters of any size the opportunity to generate revenue from their content, regardless of where they host and distribute it.

Powered by ChatGPT, Podcast Mania lets you type in a few words to create a full podcast using AI. This is not something we would suggest using to create a podcast, but it is a fun tool to play around with and could be used for ides for your show.

Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

Founder and Chief Podcast Educator at Cashflow Podcasting. Ben specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs amplify their impact through podcasting. He’s a world traveller, outdoor sports junkie and future enthusiast!

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