What’s the one thing stopping you from starting a podcast for your business?

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When we talk to folks considering starting a podcast, it is generally six months before they are ready to start putting the show together.

We believe this hesitation comes down to three things:

  1. Time. They’re worried about how much time this project will take and they’re unsure about committing to it.
  2. Tech. They’re feeling intimidated by the technology portion of the project and they don’t know what tools are needed.
  3. Uncertainty. They don’t know, what they don’t know and there is a reluctance to get started.

So, today, we’re going to be focusing on what that one thing is that’s stopping you from starting your podcast.

Fundamentally, everyone wants their podcast to be super effective, successful, and professional.

They want their show to present them in a good light and for this to be a helpful resource for their audience.

Their reluctance to get started stems from a lack of certainty as to how their show is going to perform.

“I’m not sure how to record a podcast.”

“Do I even have the right voice for a podcast?”

“What equipment do I need?”

“How do I make a show that actually interests people?”

We have heard all of these questions and excuses before.

But what it really comes down to is a fear of creating a podcast that isn’t “good.”

Instead of starting their show, they get stuck on the research treadmill or they table the idea altogether.

Through years in the industry, we’ve discovered something that might help you.

There are three things individuals actually need when it comes to putting together a podcast for their business and their audience.

Let’s talk about what this looks like.

You Need Guidance

the one thing stopping you from starting a podcast

They need guidance around what they need to do in order to actually put this together and make it work.

This could be a course or a series, similar to the Business Podcast Roadmap, that you can follow along with and implement the strategies.

It could also be the hiring of a production company, service, or individual to provide you with the consulting you require.

You can cut through all of the guesswork and confusion with guidance.

Find something or someone that you trust that can be your guide in this process of what you’re trying to do.

You Want Success

what stops people from starting a podcast

You want your podcast to be successful.

There is a very effective question that will help you with this when creating your show:

What’s in my listener’s best interest?

This means you are thinking about the most direct, easy-to-consume, content for your ideal listener.

If the thing that is stopping you from progressing forward is what microphone you’re going to use, then after asking yourself this question, you may find that it doesn’t truly matter.

However, something like what you will name your podcast will make a difference to your audience.

Something simple, clear, and direct will have a higher value to your audience versus trying to be clever or cute.

The same will go for everything you come across in the decision-making process for your show.

Follow that guiding principle of what will be in the best interest of your listener.

If you make decisions from that standpoint, you can’t really go wrong.

You Want Perfection

is it worth it to start a podcast in 2022

You believe your show needs to be perfect before it is released.

Many people are guilty of this perfectionist mindset, especially business owners and entrepreneurs.

However, the trick here is to get started with what you’ve got and then improve over time.

The decisions that you’re making now for your podcast, do not have to stay the same throughout the entirety of your show’s production.

You can make improvements as you see fit.

So, instead of worrying about having everything perfect before you move on, run with what you’ve got.

Over time, you will hear the feedback of your audience and realize the different pieces that you would like to improve.

At the end of the day, people want to understand what’s happening.

As long as you’re explaining to the audience why things are changing and why it’s in their best interest, everybody wins.

Remember, the podcast does no good to anyone when it’s a file on your computer.

If the podcast never launches because you want it to be perfect, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your audience.

This is how you get through the pieces that are stopping you from finally starting your podcast.

If you’re searching for more information, we encourage you to read The One Thing Stopping You From Starting Your Podcast.

This will help to clarify everything we have talked about today.

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