A successful podcast launch can be a lot of work. So, where do you even begin?

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When folks begin the process of putting together a podcast, they’re initially really excited.

However, many of these people eventually hit a point of overwhelm.

And it isn’t surprising that they reach this point.

Between choosing music, artwork, voice actors, themes and more, there are a lot of tactical things that go into a podcast launch.

But creating a successful podcast launch isn’t as scary as it might seem.

Let’s break down what these stages are.

The Beginning Stages Of Your Successful Podcast Launch

podcast launch

Start with strategic planning.

Get crystal clear on where you’re going, what your goals are, and most importantly, why you’re putting this podcast together.

Once you’ve got these things nailed down and you have a strategic game plan mapped out, then you can start to put together the initial elements of the podcast.

This may include artwork, the title, intros and outros, and all of those pieces.

The next step is recording your first batch of episodes.

Pro Tip:

For a successful podcast launch, we recommend launching with three episodes when you first go live. This way you’re giving new listeners a chance to get to know you straight from day one.

After this, get your show submitted to podcast platforms and directories (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.).

Having your show on these platforms is how your initial core group of listeners is going to find your show.

The final step is getting into the rhythm of creating content on a consistent basis.

Having a consistent, predictable process for recording and releasing content is a huge win for you and your audience.

What Do A Podcast And A Snowball Have In Common?


Podcasting is like rolling a snowball down a hill.

You may feel a lot of pressure to get it perfect from the start and get as many listeners as you can right from launch day.

But if you can start with a very small, tightly defined audience and you can get your show out to those people, then the podcast will build its own momentum over time.

Similar to a snowball rolling down a hill, you will eventually grow a bigger audience.

Every Successful Podcast Launch Must Include…


Our client, Caleb Brown of New Planner Podcast, is a great example of this.

When he initially came to us he didn’t know the steps required to launch a podcast.

This is the typical space someone new to podcasting will find themselves in because there are a lot of moving pieces.

Using our services, specifically the Podcast Launch Program, we helped him through every step of the way and he now has a very successful podcast.

To help you do this yourself, we have created a simple successful Podcast Launch Checklist for you to follow.

This guides you through the exact steps and stages you will need to go from a podcast idea to launch.



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