Are podcast show notes as important as people say they are? Find out in this episode.

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If podcasts are created to be consumed audibly, what is the benefit of spending time creating show notes for your website?

We get this question from many of our Podcast Launch clients and the answer is simple:

Writing engaging podcast show notes can be a great way to add value to your existing and potential listeners.

In fact, podcast show notes are a vital part of publishing new episodes.

Here’s why…

What’s The Point Of Show Notes?

podcast show notes

The whole point of show notes is so that listeners have a place to go to find resources for that episode.

If the audience member hasn’t had a chance to listen to that episode yet, it entices them to do so.

There are also long-term benefits of writing show notes.

You can increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it makes it incredibly easy to repurpose your content.

So, how do you write engaging show notes?

How Do You Write Engaging Show Notes?

podcast content

It all starts with having a compelling episode title.

Something that showcases what the episode is about and has a keyword that potential new listeners may be searching for.

Next, you will need one or two paragraphs summarizing what is discussed in the episode.

After this, we like to add bullet points that elude to what your listeners will learn.

Finally, you will have the resources that will link to everything you spoke about in the show such as books, people, or websites.

If you want something more substantial to go along with your episode, you can write a full blog post instead.

This will increase SEO even more and potentially provide your listeners with an in-depth look at the topic you’ll be discussing.

Using Show Notes For Marketing Content

written content

Once you have these show notes, most of your marketing content is already going to be written.

You can take those bullet points you’ve just created and repurpose them to be part of your social media posts.

The intro paragraphs can be copied and pasted into the email you send to your community to announce your new episode is live.

In Closing…

If you don’t already write show notes for your podcast, try it for an episode.

Increase your SEO, provide listeners with resources and repurpose your content for your marketing.

You will soon come to realize how easy it makes promotion for your show.



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