Click To Download SEO Optimization Guide for Show Notes           

Click To Download SEO Optimization Guide for Show Notes

Barry Moore and Gerald Pauschmann from The Brand Engine, join us on the show again. This time, they drop multiple strategy gems to help you conquer the authority in your market through podcast show notes. The last time they were on the show, they shared some invaluable information about specializing you and your business for success.

This week, we move away from the production of your actual podcast to optimizing your podcast show notes for maximum impact. Do you want that person seeking help in your market to find YOU when searching in Google? If so, you need to press play and listen to all the actionable tips that are shared on today’s episode of Authority Engine!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The number 1 strategy that drives listeners to Barry and Gerald’s site.
  • Basic, but POWERFUL SEO techniques that power-up your audience.
  • How twitter cards enhance your social media strategy.
  • The power of internal linking.
  • How to optimize the image of your show notes for traffic leads.

In the comments below:

What SEO strategies are you using for your podcast show notes?  

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Power Concepts:

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Click To Download SEO Optimization Guide for Show Notes