When you’re looking for podcast production services, you need to think carefully about who you want to partner with. Whether it’s an agency or a professional team of freelancers, you will need to make sure all parties are working toward a clear objective.

A podcast production team must work as a cohesive unit to address the challenges of bringing audio content to life and distributing it across the relevant platforms. Not all podcast production services are going to be a good fit for your style of working.

For instance, some podcast production services will need in-person access to the hosts, while others will have the systems in place to work remotely with ease. In other words, the various services on the market will require different levels of involvement from the hosts.

At Cashflow Podcasting, we recognize that business owners and thought leaders may only have a short window of time in a working week to record audio content. With this in mind, we have built processes to make the production workflow as seamless as possible.

There’s no reason why podcast production cannot be straightforward. With a few systems in place, the production of your podcast could be a hassle-free operation.

When there are so many services available to help you at a reasonable price, why do all the heavy lifting yourself?

After a quick consultation call, you could have access to a full team of podcast production professionals that have the skills to elevate your content and take it to the next level.

How do I find a podcast partner?

A quick Google search will open up a range of possibilities. There’s certainly no shortage of people who are ready to partner with business owners and thought leaders on content creation.

The question is, do they have the expertise and knowledge to develop content for your target market? When you are looking for a podcast partner, alongside reading through case studies and testimonials, we would recommend listening to some of their most recent work.

This should help you to decide whether you’re likely to be a good fit. If they can match the audio style you’re looking for, it might be time to find out more about their service offering.

If you’re searching for an end-to-end solution, you should also consider the quality of the marketing materials used to promote the audio content. Does the cover art and podcast description make you want to press the play button? These are the questions to ask yourself.

You should aim to find a podcast partner that has a track record of working with business owners and thought leaders for several years to build their brands.

Ideally, these people will be exceptional marketers with a keen eye for detail. At Cashflow Podcasting, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team with marketing expertise across multiple verticals.

It’s all about considering what a podcast partner could bring to the table. How can they add value to the operation and elevate the quality of the end product?

It’s about more than just finding professionals capable of cutting audio together and uploading this to the relevant streaming platforms. You need astute marketers with a passion and drive for delivering exceptional digital content.

What do you call a person who makes podcasts?

At Cashflow Podcasting, we go by many names. First and foremost, we are the professionals that business owners and thought leaders count on to deliver podcast production services.

We are the secret ingredient powering dozens of successful podcast operations and take immense pride in helping people raise their content marketing game with high-value content.

The truth is, we can be many things to many people. Not all business owners and thought leaders utilize our services in the same way. This is why we offer customizable packages to meet their unique needs.

How much do podcast producers get paid?

It all depends on the level of value provided. If the podcast production team is failing to make an impact with their content, this should have an impact on the compensation they receive.

Even though podcast production services are never delivered on a pay-per-performance basis, you should still use key performance indicators to measure their effectiveness and consider whether they are worth the money.

How much does it cost to produce a podcast?

The most significant initial cost of starting a podcast on your own typically comes from purchasing or renting the recording equipment. (When you have the support of podcast production services, additional costs will vary based on your unique needs.)

In reality, with the ever-growing sophistication of smartphones, the amount of recording equipment you will need to buy is likely to be limited. It’s often surprising what can be achieved through the use of a smartphone and a pair of earphones.

If you were to start working with a production team for editing and distribution, they would be able to advise you on the best way to record the content depending on your situation. The right approach for one production may be completely wrong for another.

Can a podcast have one person? Are solo podcasts a thing?

Absolutely! There are plenty of successful podcasts that feature only a single person behind the microphone. If you’ve got plenty to say on a particular topic, this could sustain a full episode as long as your thoughts and perspectives are delivered engagingly.

Not sure whether you have what it takes to deliver a full episode’s worth of content? Why not grab your smartphone and do a quick practice recording? If you’re keen to get a particular issue off your chest, this is the perfect time to get behind the microphone and let off some steam.

When you’re considering podcast production services, here are 5 essential questions to ask:

1 – How many professionals will be involved in the production of the podcast?

This is a crucial question to ask. You need to know how many professionals will be involved in the process and who will be your main point of contact.

With a clear understanding of who will be involved in the production of the podcast, you will have the confidence to give the team control over various aspects of the production. Trust is crucial to any working relationship, and this needs to be established at the outset.

If you have specific queries related to aspects of the podcast production, you will know exactly who to contact. This will help to streamline communication and ensure you’re speaking with the right people.

2 – Will you receive production equipment or have to buy this yourself?

You need to know whether you will have to pay for production equipment or if it comes with their services. In most cases, those offering podcast production services will be able to offer you advice on the best production equipment to purchase.

Alongside the cost of their services, it’s important to know what other costs will be incurred. While the cost of podcast equipment should be relatively inexpensive, it’s always a good idea to get clarity on potential costs that may crop up sooner rather than later.

When you work with a production service, the editing software and equipment should be their responsibility. This means it’s unlikely you will have to foot the bill for any tools or equipment used in the editing process.

All good podcast production services will be able to provide you with a full cost breakdown – detailing everything you need to consider when budgeting for podcast production.

3 – Will the team repurpose podcast audio into other forms of content?

It is important to have conversations with the team about your broader content marketing strategy. While they may only be focused on the podcast creation aspect, you should ensure they have a good understanding of the broader strategy to inform their work.

You should question whether the team can repurpose podcast audio into other forms of content and distribute this across various marketing channels. In some cases, these content forms will be included in the supporting marketing materials for each episode.

It has never been more crucial to have a diverse content marketing strategy. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. You should be using other marketing channels to fuel the growth of your podcast.

4 – Will the team handle guest outreach to maintain a full pipeline of guests?

You must find out about the team’s approach to guest outreach. If you are always looking for special guests to appear on each episode of your podcast, how do you maintain a full pipeline?

Finding and contacting potential guests can take a tremendous amount of time. If you can, this is a task you should aim to be outsourcing.

For guest outreach to be completed by another party, they must have a solid understanding of who your target audience is and what they find appealing. After all, those booking guests will end up having a significant impact on the editorial direction of the podcast.

5 – Will the team script each episode around topics relevant to the audience?

Depending on the format, some podcasts might require tighter scripts than others.

If your podcast’s format is heavily scripted, it could feel like a weight off your shoulders to outsource the episode scriptwriting to someone else. By taking this bold step, you must be certain that the writer has a strong grasp of who your target audience is.

Do you want to launch a podcast? We can help you to hit the ground running with our podcast production services. Schedule a call today to find out more about our services.

Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

Founder and Chief Podcast Educator at Cashflow Podcasting. Ben specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs amplify their impact through podcasting. He’s a world traveller, outdoor sports junkie and future enthusiast!

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