John McIntyre from The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast returns this week to talk about the recent rebranding he did for his podcast and his business. Being fresh off the rebranding iron (Drop Dead Copy, McIntyre Method, Email Marketing Podcast and The Auto-Responder Guy), John is sharing some hot insights on how to rebrand a podcast that engages and converts.

This episode is steaming with information on why branding is important  for gaining authority in your niche. Listen in to hear the steps John took to amplify his brand’s mission across all of his platforms. Press that play button below because you don’t want to miss this one!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why John felt he had to rebrand.
  • How important branding is to position your status in the market place.
  • Why rebranding can help eliminate competition in your niche.
  • How effective rebranding has worked for John.
  • Why you need to focus on your unique selling proposition , also known as USP.


In the comments below:

What would you do differently if you were to rebrand your podcast?


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