Ray Ortega from The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable is back on the show to talk about the type of equipment a podcaster needs to have a great quality sounding podcast that can be just as good as the top names in podcasting today.

Confused on what podcasting kit you need to have THE professional podcast sound? Thinking you need to spend crazy money on intimidating-looking equipment? Ray will address all of this in simple and great terms. He has used and tested just about all the podcasting gear, you’ll want to tune in to hear what he highly recommends to beginning and advanced podcasters so they can become the go-to authority in their field.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • 2 main goals a podcaster must have in focus for a successful podcast.
  • The right equipment needed to start podcasting.
  • The importance of having a great quality sounding podcast.
  • Why a microphone is much better than a headset.
  • Content is king quality is queen.

In the comments below:

What is your podcast setup and why? Is it the easiest or more cost effective?


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