Production Walkthrough & Pricing

Here’s How Our Podcast Production Process Works…

PRicing Options: 

Podcaster Pro Package: Includes Audio Production, Show Notes Writing, Featured Image and Scheduling
 + 1 Episode Per Month = $299 / mo
 + 2 Episodes Per Month = $599 / mo
 + Weekly Episodes = $1199 / mo

Add On Services
+ Full Episode Transcripts = $75 / episode
+ Video Podcast Production = $100 / episode
+ Social Media Posting = $150 / episode

Episode BundlesWant to prepurchase episodes for a discount? Here’s our rates for Podcaster Pro Package. Add on services are calculated with the same discount percentage:
+ 10 Episodes: $2840 (5% Discount)
+ 25 Episodes: $6727 (10% Discount)
+ 50 Episodes: $11960 (20% Discount)

*All pricing is based on episodes under 1 hour. Pricing for episodes consistently between 1-2 hrs is an additional 30% of final price.

Here’s What You Do:

Simply record your podcast episode, and upload the audio files to Dropbox along with any editing notes you have.

You’re done! We take care of the rest…

Here’s What WE Do For You

Podcaster Pro Package:

  • Remove any mistakes, umms & ahhs and unwanted content
  • Edit your conversation flow to ensure a smooth listener experience
  • Add your show’s intros, outros, music and other audio branding
  • Fine-tune your audio so you sound like a pro
  • ID3 tag your MP3 file and optimize for the best iTunes rankings
  • Upload your episode to your podcast hosting account
  • Write an engaging show notes post for your podcast episode including:
    • An optimized episode title
    • A beautifully branded featured post image
    • Engaging paragraphs to introduce your episode content
    • Enticing bullet points around your content topics
    • Links to all tools, people and resources mentioned in the episode
    • SEO optimization of your show notes post
    • An attractive media player widget for easy listening
    • Beautiful “subscribe” buttons for listeners
    • Click-to-tweet quotes & key concepts from the episode
  • We then follow our unique 21 Step Review Process to ensure your episode and show notes are premium quality
  • We schedule your episode & show notes to publish on your site and out to podcast directories
  • And we send you a notification that your episode is complete and scheduled

You always have the opportunity to review your episode before it publishes, and if you have any edit or change requests, we update your episode quickly and send you a notification that it’s been updated.

Add On Service Options:

Branded Transcripts: $75 / episode (Example)

  • Full Episode Transcription
  • Branded Transcript PDFs
  • Scroll to read transcript box added to your show notes post

Video Production: $100 / episode (Example 1) (Example 2)

  • Production of your video podcast episode
  • Uploading to your Youtube Channel
  • Adding your video to your show notes post

Social Media Posting Add On: $150 / episode (Example 1) (Example 2)

  • For each episode, we’ll create 7 unique social posts (3 audiograms, 3 quote cards, 1 engagement post)
  • You get to choose what social media platforms you want to post to (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)
  • We’ll also write an email to promote your episode out to your email list
  • Once everything is completed and scheduled (along with the production of your episode and show notes) we’ll alert you via email so you can check everything out, review, and share any feedback/tweaks you’d like to see before anything goes live!
  • This can be delivered one of two ways:
         1. We schedule all the social posts on your behalf using a social media scheduling tool  
         2. We can create all the content and assets in a Google Doc, and your team handles the social posting 

Custom Work: $100 / hr

Get help with simple updates, creating new podcast artwork, branding, renewing intros/outro, updating past podcast episode show notes or other one-time small projects to help improve your podcast!

*Note* Please email us at service (at) to ask about your project as we may or may not be able to assist depending on the nature of the task.

All Clients Get:

Cutting-Edge Industry Insights: We actively track industry developments and constantly vet new platforms and opportunities as the podcasting landscape evolves. When there are new platforms to be listed in or strategies that will be effective for you, we proactively alert you to keep your show on the cutting edge of progress!

Marketing & Growth Templates: You also get access to our ever-growing Client Resource Center to help you get the most out of your podcasting efforts. This includes detailed growth and marketing strategies and copy-paste promotion templates to accompany each strategy.

Optimization Training: Also within the Client Resource Center, you can find recorded coaching calls to help you optimize your podcast hosting skills, to craft better episodes & interviews and improve the quality & results of your show!

Have a question? You can always contact our team at [email protected]

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