I’m sure you’ve all heard that content is king.  This week we are going to particularly dig into why podcasting is the perfect tool for content marketing for just about any business. You will learn how and why podcasting trumps other forms of content delivery.  Click play below. What are you waiting for?



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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why many people prefer listening to podcasts over other types of content consumption.
  • Why you should choose podcasting over blogging.
  • Types of relationships you can build with your audience through podcasting.


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Why podcasting? That is the question we are going to be answering in today’s Authority Engine TV Episode. I’m Ben Krueger, this is Authority Engine TV where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. Let’s do it, folks.

All right so why podcasting? You’ve heard that content is king, and what we’re going to be talking about today will help you figure out what kind of content you should be focusing on. In the past there’s been a lot of focus on why blogging is the thing, man. You’ve got to be blogging. It’s because it allows you to reach out to connect with a lot of different people, and in the form of the written word,  a lot of people can read your stuff, they can do it on the go, it’s really great for kind of creating that initial outreach and that initial touch. One of the great things about blogging that people have discovered is you can get really consistent with it. You can provide really good value with a blog.

Now what we’re going to do, is we’re going to take that concept, but we’re going to apply it to podcasting because of a few reasons. Number 1, with podcasting people can take it on the go. They don’t have to be looking at something and reading, so you can be jogging, walking the dog, driving to work, I mean you’ve heard it all before. That is when people will be consuming podcast content, is when they’re actually doing other things but they’re mentally focused on what you’re listening to, or what they’re listening to and you’re providing them with your podcast.

Number 2, and this one’s my favorite, it’s so much easier to do a podcast episode than it is to write a really high quality blog post. If you look at any of the bigger bloggers out there that do really stellar work and ask them, they could put anywhere from like 5 hours minimum up to some significant time into one blog post. A podcast episode does not have to take that long. Even if it has a guest, you might reach out to them, spend a little bit of time lining up that call, then on the call it’s a half hour to an hour and you have some post-production work afterwards, which by the way if you want to get that handled, we’re more than willing to help so you can check out our services, but all in all, said and done, it’s going to take so much less time to do a podcast and you can also get written content out of it as well, so there’s the SEO benefit as well.

Finally, why podcasting? I like it because it allows the listener to really get to understand who the host is. Particularly if you’re running a business where you need to be the expert or the consultant, or you want people to understand that your company is very relatable, it’s very easy to get along with. Your products or service or membership is exactly what they want and you can help them through your personality and your expertise. Podcasting is perfect because they get to listen to the sound of your voice, they get to hear how you interact with other people if you do interviews or if you have a co-host, they get to hear it really like more of a real story from you, as opposed to a blog post that is very meticulously planned out. Not to say that you can’t plan out a podcast episode, but it’s more raw, it’s more real, and it feels more real to the listener because they are literally plugged in, they have you in their earbuds talking into their ears and giving them advice, or entertaining them, or whatever it may be.

Those are 3 reasons why podcasting is such a valuable marketing tool. There’s so many more, but this is really the highlights of what it can do for you.