The way in which you present content to your audience can make or break your marketing campaigns.

Some people are more likely to engage with audio content than others, and for podcast episodes to fit into a broader digital marketing strategy, it’s important to squeeze as much value from the audio content as possible.

This means exploring other ways in which the content can be presented.

With this in mind, you should consider transcribing your podcast episodes into long-form blog content. Many fail to recognize the value of presenting content in a variety of different forms, but we will expand on why this is a smart move shortly.

In this guide, we are going to be exploring the following questions about podcast transcription services and how this fits into a broader marketing strategy:

  • Why should you use a podcast transcription service?
  • How much does it cost to transcribe a podcast?
  • Where can I get a transcript of a podcast?
  • What can a podcast transcript be used for?
  • How do I transcribe a podcast myself?

Podcast transcription services are a great way to reach an even wider audience, as they can deliver the audio content in text form.

Utilizing a combination of text-based and audio content in your marketing campaigns will diversify your efforts to reach a particular target market.

Though the most obvious reason you might want to use a podcast transcription service is to deliver content that appeals to those who prefer reading over listening, there are plenty of other benefits to consider, as well.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in!

Why should you use a podcast transcription service?

The most obvious reason why you might want to use a podcast transcription service is to deliver content that appeals to those who prefer reading over listening. There are also plenty of other benefits to consider.

When it comes to devising a marketing strategy for a business or organization, SEO is often placed on the backburner. This is unfortunate because many people forget that other forms of content, such as podcast episodes, can be leveraged in search engines through the use of a transcription service.

Rather than taking time to write blog content, you can simply convert podcast episodes into long-form copy. By strategically sprinkling a few target keywords and phrases into the transcription, the blog content should soon start to rank on search engines.

You can squeeze a tremendous amount of value from podcast episodes. This audio content can be leveraged across all of your marketing channels. The time you spend recording podcast episodes will add fuel to the rest of your marketing efforts.

If you drop some insightful gems during a podcast episode, these could be cut up in the editing process and distributed across various social media channels. If you’re taking time out of your day to record a podcast episode, try to squeeze as much value from the end product as possible.

A podcast transcript can be utilized across a broad range of marketing channels.

Here are just some examples of how podcast transcripts can be used across your marketing channels:

  • Transcripts can be turned into long-form blog content.
  • Extracts of transcripts can be used as copy for social media posts.
  • Transcripts can form the basis of email newsletters.
  • Transcripts can be used in e-books other long-form mediums.

How much does it cost to transcribe a podcast?

With the power of artificial intelligence, it’s never been cheaper to transcribe a podcast. While AI tools can be remarkably sophisticated, you will still require a human to go over the transcribed text and carefully look for potential errors.

Most podcast production services will include a transcription service as part of their client package. If this does not come as part of their standard package, they may be prepared to offer this as a bolt-on service.

A podcast transcription service could save you a significant amount of time and enable you to leverage podcast episode content in a new format across multiple marketing channels.

When it comes to choosing a podcast transcription service, the price is largely irrelevant. Instead, you should be focusing on whether the service comes as part of a larger production service – as this will provide you with greater value.

Where can I get a transcript of a podcast?

If you’re looking for a transcript of a podcast, we can help. We provide a high-quality, accurate transcript for podcasts of all lengths as part of our production services.

To receive accurate transcripts of your podcast episodes, you need to ensure that you have invested in a transcription service that is committed to quality.

The truth is, you can get a transcript of your podcast episodes from just about anywhere. There are dozens of SaaS solutions available online for podcasters to choose from.

Unfortunately, podcast transcription software won’t be able to finish the job. If you’re looking for long-form blog content that ranks for competitive keywords and phrases in your niche, you should look for an end-to-end solution.

Many podcast production services will be ready to support you in preparing a full range of marketing materials to distribute across various channels. This will often include long-form blog content produced from transcribed podcast episodes.

If you can get an end-to-end solution, why not take advantage of this? There’s nothing worse than having to utilize dozens of different services to sustain your workflow.

To prevent bottlenecks and keep everything running smoothly, it’s often better to get things done in one place. This is why all-encompassing podcast production services can prove to be a major win for those with lofty podcasting ambitions.

How do I transcribe a podcast myself?

When you have a variety of podcast transcription services and production partners ready to support your efforts, why spend your own time transcribing podcast episodes? It’s far more efficient to get someone else to do the heavy lifting, especially if they have done this countless times before for other podcasts.

After all, your time is valuable and far better spent preparing for the recording of the next episode. To build an effective podcast production workflow, delegation is vital.

Ideally, you should be delegating a considerable number of tasks to a singular entity, such as a podcast production service like Cashflow Podcasting. From an efficiency standpoint, it’s better to have a team of professionals with oversight of your entire podcast production workflow.

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