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Today I want to share how successful you are likely to be with podcasting for your business.

We have found that there are clear indicators of people who are in the right position to absolutely thrive with podcasting.

On the other hand, there are similar indicators that show that podcasting may not be the best avenue for you.

What we find is that people come into podcasting with a couple of different mindsets.

The first category that we tend to see is the people who are afraid of missing out on what is potentially an amazing asset for their business.

They see that everyone is creating a podcast and they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

These people tend to jump into podcasting with reluctance as they’re simply creating a podcast because they feel like they should.

The second category is the people who are incredibly excited about the prospect of podcasting but they might not be in the best position to make it work.

These folks might not have their business in the right stage where podcasting is the best tool for them.

So, what makes all the difference between the folks who are at the right stage with their business to thrive in the podcasting space versus the folks who may find it challenging?

We’ve found there are eight principles that showcase whether you’re business is primed and ready or not, which we’ve documented in our Podcast Success Scorecard.

Within this Podcast Success Scorecard, you will go through these eight principles:

1. Specific Target Audience
2. Product or Service Offering
3. Value Driven Content
4. Clear Brand Voice
5. Easy “Next Step” Call to Action
6. Your Podcast Goals
7. Your Schedule
8. Beyond Your Podcast

This is a great initial step towards understanding the principles that make all the difference when It comes to effective podcasting.

Let’s dive into a few of these today.

Podcast Success: Specific Target Audience

most successful podcasts

The first step is having a very specific target audience.

This means you need to understand and know how to speak to your niche.

If you’re trying to speak to everyone, then nobody is going to truly resonate with your message.

When you have a specific customer group in mind, you understand the problem you need to solve for them and you have a compelling way to help them, then you know you’re business is ready for a podcast.

On the flip side of this, if you are unsure about who your audience is, then it is important to get clear on this before starting your show.

A great example of this is our client, Money Talk For ER Docs.

Scott Wisniewski and Jonny McMullen’s show is created for emergency physicians seeking financial advice.

They know exactly who their ideal audience is.

Another great example of this is Dentist Freedom Blueprint.

Dr. David Phelps has created this show specifically for dental practice owners who are looking to build and expand their long-term wealth.

For folks to truly resonate with your message, the more dialed in your audience can be the better it is going to land.

To clarify, just because you are creating a show for a very defined group, doesn’t mean that other people will not listen to it.

You are still able to provide value for those that fall outside your ideal audience and you are not going to exclude people as much as you might think.

However, for those folks that do fit into your optimal listener category, your podcast will be tailored perfectly for them.

Your show will be exactly what they have been looking for and they will feel an instant connection to what you’re talking about.

Podcast Success: Product or Service Offering

podcast launch

Number two is having a clear product or service offering as an extension of your podcast.

It’s imperative that you have developed and refined a specific offering that repeatedly helps people in your target audience get great results.

If you don’t have any offerings but intend to develop some after using the podcast to grow an audience, you may be setting yourself up for a challenging venture.

Another common mistake we see people make within this second principle is intending to monetize through sponsorships or listener donations.

To give you an idea of what you’re working with, the industry standard for podcast sponsorships is about $22 per thousand downloads for an episode.

All this to say you must have a specific offering that repeatedly helps people get results.

The podcast should be a natural extension of how you help people.

Assessing Your Potential For Podcast Success

best success podcasts

So, these are just the first two out of the eight ways to assess the success potential of your podcast.

We encourage you to go through the others to get a sense of how well positioned you are for leveraging a podcast and getting incredible results.

Start your journey to creating a world-class podcast by completing your Podcast Principles Scorecard.

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