What podcast strategies are working for other businesses right now?

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Today we’re going to be taking a look at what is working for other businesses and brands that are using podcasting as a part of their strategy.

There are podcast strategies that you can follow that will make a big impact on the success of your show.

Following along with these podcast strategies could allow your show to be a super effective tool for your business.

On the flip side of this, not following these strategies could lead to your show not gaining the traction you are hoping for.

Many individuals seem to be confused as to what podcasting is good at as a medium and a channel.

We’ve seen this with many folks as we help them through this process.

People get really excited about podcasting as a lead generation tool.

To be clear, podcasting can be a great audience growth strategy.

However, the expectations might be a bit higher than reality.

Being in the industry since 2013, we’ve seen where podcasting is actually driving results.

Rather than focusing on the growth of your audience, think of podcasting as an intimacy, education, connection, and audience nurturing tool.

Let’s talk this through.

Podcasting As A Lead Nurturing Tool

Podcasting Strategies

There are three components when it comes to marketing.

1. Lead generation activities. This is how people first discover you. Lead generation activities could be anything from speaking at conferences to ads.
2. Lead nurturing tools. This is when you are building a deeper relationship with those people who have now found out about you. Lead nurturing tools are blogs, books, or podcasting.
3. Conversion activities. This is when you’re interested in getting bigger results and converting those leads into clients. Conversion activities could be a webinar with a sales pitch or even a sales call.

What we find is that folks tend to miss out on all of the leads that they’re generating and all of the people that they’re being exposed to.

If these people are pitched to and they’re not ready to buy right away, then they simply disappear after they’ve refused the offer.

They fade into the distance.

All of that expense and effort of generating that lead is wasted.

This is when lead nurturing comes in.

Lead nurturing is exactly what podcasting is incredibly good at for businesses.

What Podcast Strategies Are Working for Businesses?

podcast marketing strategy

The idea of a podcast is to connect with someone on a very personal level.

Podcasts allow your audience to learn something new about your given subject.

Your audience can build a deeper connection with you and your brand.

People can follow along with your podcast as long as they want to and get as invested as they’d like, at no risk to themselves.

They’re not under the pressure of a limited-time sales promotion or a sales funnel.

They can instead take things at their own pace.

What’s required for people to start working with you is trust.

Trust is essential for making people feel comfortable enough to sign up for whatever it is you’re offering.

Most people won’t want to purchase from you until they know you and they know that you are willing to guide them and be their advocate.

That is what podcasting is good at.

Stop thinking about podcasting as a lead generation strategy and start thinking about it as a lead nurture strategy.

Podcast Strategies

content marketing podcast

Someone who does this incredibly well is one of our clients, Katrina Ubell.

Katrina is a weight loss coach for busy physicians.

She uses Facebook ads and the occasional interview on other people’s podcasts as her lead generation strategy.

Her call to action is always for people to go check out her podcast which then becomes her lead nurture strategy.

People become familiar with her over time, they get to learn and understand how she can actually help them.

Katrina helps her listeners get results through the free content she is providing through her podcast.

When her podcast audience truly connects with her content and they enjoy the way she is going about her process, then they have the opportunity to sign up for her webinar.

At the end of the webinar, there is an offer where they can sign up to be a part of her next group coaching program.

So, this is an incredible example of taking her audience from lead generation to lead nurturing and then to conversion.

For those of you out there wanting to learn how you can do this for yourself, we have a book called Podcast Strategies that will walk you through this more in-depth.

This book lays out the fundamental podcast strategies and talks through all of the most successful business podcasts.

We hope this helps you determine what your podcast strategy will be.

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