Let’s be honest…

We’re all busy.

We all have too many things going on. Between work, family life, trying to squeeze in workouts and taking a little time for ourselves, things fall through the cracks.

Nobody’s perfect.

Last week I accidentally took 6 days to reply to a client’s time-sensitive email. Sure, there’s excuses I could lean on (planning a course launch, that damn ‘promotions’ tab, 12 hour days, etc).

But at the end of the day, I wasn’t responsive to support someone relying on my help.

I share this with you because we ALL miss opportunities, let things slip and put off otherwise important tasks.

I see this IN A BIG WAY when it comes to starting a podcast.

I’m not talking about the people that are actively researching whether it’s going to be a good move for their business.

I’m talking about the famous, “I’ve been working on starting a podcast for a few months now… I’m hoping to get it live soon” line.

Sound familiar?

Has podcasting been on your to-do list for far too long?

Have you bought products/courses and bookmarked blogs only to make no progress?

How many hours have you sunk into ‘podcasting’ never to get anything in return?


This is A Call to Arms: Let’s Finally Get Your Show LIVE

Podcasting only works if YOUR SHOW IS PUBLISHED and marketed.

Not only that, but every day you delay, others are publishing their shows and getting their ball rolling.

You’ve seen shows that have started only a few months ago that have incredible momentum and kick yourself for not having started months, even years ago.

Don’t put the future success of your business and brand on the back burner for one more day.  Your message and the value you have to share with the world is too important.

It ends today.

Commit to your success.

Commit to the message you have inside you and the value you have to share with the world.

Commit to serving your audience and being heavily rewarded for being a leader.


Or to commit to a different strategy that better suits your goals…

But make a COMMITMENT to your success!

Now I’m not pointing fingers.

I know how much confusion, misinformation and the sheer overwhelming number of people recommending conflicting tools, styles and methods of podcasting. Each with their own podcasting motives and desired outcomes.

Your focus is on TANGIBLE results.  Growing a responsive list. Positioning yourself as the sought-after expert in your field. Injecting sales and profits into your business.

I want to help you do exactly that.

That’s why I’m hosting a free training webinar on Tuesday to share my simple Podcast Funnel Formula.

I’ll be teaching the 6 step system I’ve developed over the last 2.5 years and over 100 podcast launches to immediately ditch the “dragging feet” and finally get your show LIVE in just 28 days to drive sales, authority and audience growth.

Click Here to Join The Free Training

Note: There are only 100 seats available so reserve yours now if you’re ready to get your show out there.

AS A BONUS for attendees, I’ll be giving away a Free Lifetime Membership to the CASHFLOW Podcasting Course. This is YOUR chance to kick the excuses, take charge and build the brand authority you’ve been working at for months.

Ben Krueger
Written by Ben Krueger

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