How can you decide on the best podcast music for your show? Our answer to this question and more in this episode.

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Podcast music can be a tough decision for many podcasters, new and seasoned.

In podcasting, it is always about the story you are telling.

So, although it can feel overwhelming with the amount of choice that is available online, it is important to remember that your podcast music should be designed to support that story.

You will be setting the tone of the experience that you want the listener to have.

With this being said, there is one major thing to be aware of.

Most music that you hear is copyrighted.

It is essential that you check that you have the right to use the music you want to use.

So where do you find podcast music that you can use?

Where Do You Find Podcast Music That You Can Use?

podcast soundtrack

When it comes to using music in your podcast, technically you can use copyrighted music if you get permission from the creator of that music.

There are legal rights both for the songwriter and the performer(s), so you can see how this can become quite tricky unless you know the artists personally.

If it is a bigger artist that will likely be hard to reach, our suggestion would be to choose something else.

Likely, it will not be worth the effort of trying to reach this artist and there are plenty of other options available.

What we have found works well in this situation is using royalty-free music.

There are many services available where you can pay as little as 10$ to use a specific music clip, sound effect, or another audio sample in your show.

This way it is not only more unique to your show but you will have full rights to use it, without fear of legal issues later on.

We recommend using, as they have plenty of samples to choose from and are reasonably priced.

Once you’ve found a good selection of music options, how do you narrow it down to ones that suit your show?

How To Filter Through Podcast Music For Your Show

podcasting music

A great way to filter through all of the options is to choose a style you like and search for this specific genre.

Strategically, you want to create the ideal environment to tell the story you are trying to share with your audience.

You want your audience to feel the emotions and the energy of the show when listening in.

If you want your podcast to be motivational, uplifting, and inspiring, find music that reflects that.

On the other hand, if you want your podcast experience to be thoughtful, introspective, or emotive, find music that will ignite that feeling.

This should be music that stands out and resonates with you as well as your audience.

Our Closing Thoughts On Podcast Music

podcast music for your show

Remember, you will be using this in the intro, the outro, and transitions between segments of your podcast.

Your podcast music is what will tie all of these pieces together.

Pick something to get started and just like with everything else, you can always shift or adjust this later on.

Insider Tip: Listen to podcasts that you enjoy and pay attention to the music they use in their show. Is there something that stands out about their music to you? Try emulating this in your show’s music.

You can find more advice on this topic in our blog post How To Choose the Best Music for Your Podcast.

If you’re still feeling unsure, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we would love to chat more about this.



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