What podcast microphone should you use to record your podcast?

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We get these questions all of the time:

What microphone should I buy?

What do I need to purchase to ensure my show sounds quality?

People are generally either excited about the technology piece of podcasting or they’re terrified.

Regardless of which category you fit into, we can help you find the best podcast microphone for your situation.

Deciding What Podcast Microphone To Purchase

podcast microphone

Deciding what microphone to purchase comes down to two things:

1. It should be easy to use. Don’t be scared of your microphone. If you’re intimidated by your microphone, you’re going to put off recording content – of course, this will not work out well if you’re trying to put out consistent content.

2. It should make you feel like a podcaster. You should feel like a podcast host with your equipment. Some people like to purchase higher end equipment because it makes them feel like they’re doing this right from the beginning.

We fully support both of these but always prioritize an easy setup over a complicated one.

The Best Podcast Microphone For Solo Or Interview-Style Episodes

podcast equipment

If you are doing solo episodes where it is just you teaching, use a USB microphone.

We often recommend the Blue Yeti to our clients as it is portable, sounds high quality, and can plug into your laptop or audio recorder.

Another great alternative is the Audio-Technica ATR2100 (more on this below).

If you are doing interviews where you are recording over a call, again you can use a USB mic and either of the previously mentioned microphones will work wonderfully for you.

For both of these situations (interview style or solo), you can purchase a microphone boom arm.

A boom arm will allow you to attach your microphone to your desk, bring it close to your mouth and leave it there throughout the duration of your episode.

This not only frees up your hands and allows you to talk more naturally but it also keeps the sounds more consistent throughout the show.

The Best Podcast Microphone For In-Person Interviews

podcast setup

In person interviews is when the tech can become a little bit more complicated.

For simplicity, we are big fans of the Audio-Technica ATR2100.

They’re durable, easy to use, sound great and are very travel friendly for when you’re having to meet your guest somewhere.

If you’re feeling unsure about what you need, you can read our blog post The Perfect Podcast Equipment For Any Situation to get a better idea of what might suit your needs best.

In this blog post we cover simple, easy to use, cost-effective options as well as some higher-end, premium choices.

We also go over the prices you can expect to see for microphones.

If you are debating between two microphones or you feel uncertain about which would be best for you, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected].

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