So you’ve recorded your episode, written your show notes, published it… and now what? In this episode we’ll dive into ways you can promote your show to as many people as possible and help as many of them as you can. In order to make this happen, I’ve prepared a podcast marketing checklist that will help you make sure that  you don’t miss important promotional steps for each and every episode.


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Podcast Marketing CHecklist

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Podcast Marketing Checklist
  • Things that you can build into your post to help  you promote it.
  • Sample emails you can send your guest  and community leaders after the interview.


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All right everybody let’s talk episode promotion. What do you do after you’ve recorded your content, you’ve put together your episode, you’ve written up your show notes, you’ve got everything ready to go, you’ve published it, now what? This episode will help you dive in and promote your show in a way that it is very beneficial to everybody else as well as to help you get your show out to as many people as possible and help as many people as … I’m Ben Krueger and this is Authority Engine TV. I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning.

All right folks, I’m still here in Ohio. I’ve got bare feet. This is my home. I feel really centered and I wanted to bring you this message today to help you because I’ve been getting a lot of questions like” What do I do to help promote my show?”,”What do I do to promote my episodes and this episode is going to be all about that.” I’m actually going to give you a checklist and you can check it out down below this video. I’m going to give you a checklist of the pieces, the steps you can take to promote your episode. Let’s dive into right now. We’re going to do a little screen test that will show you exactly what you can do.

All right, here we are at a post and this is actually on and this is exactly what I do when I go through my episode promotion. I’ve got an episode here. This is with Johnny McIntyre, one of my favorite podcast guests. We had a fantastic episode. We’re looking at the episode itself and kind of checking it over and see down at the bottom that I’ve actually got some, some links that we, some social media sharing links that are already as part of the post, so makes it very easy for people. You also see some mentions of some other people that we talked about, some links out to tools, people, resources. This episode doesn’t exactly have a lot but they’re still there.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to grab this episode promotion checklist and we’re going to start at the top and we’re just going to cruise right on through to the bottom. We’re going to first directly E-mail our guests and let them know that we just published an interview with them and make it very easy for them to share. You’ll see here that there’s a template down below and you can grab this, this E-mail template and no, this is just a form E-mail. I highly suggest that you make this very specialized to them specifically and don’t just copy and paste this but this will give you a very easy format to follow. You’ll see here that it pretty much says, “Hey, we’re glad to have you on. It was an awesome show. I’d be honored if you shared this with your audience and to make it easy, we drafted a couple of quick posts for you, so you can feel free to use these or use your own.”

There is one for Facebook, one for Twitter and then there is a direct link to the posts and then we sign off. It’s pretty simple, straight forward but it gets to the point and then. After we E-mail them directly, we also want to directly if possible E-mail each person that we mentioned during the episode. Usually you’ll link out to these over here as well. You’ll link out to these people in your episode show notes. You can kind of check those real quick and say, “Okay, I talked about the blue ocean strategy and we talked about Nathaniel Boyle. I’ve gotten Nathaniel’s E-mail so I shot him a direct E-mail just letting him know that we mentioned you during our post and we’re excited to release this episode, something that’s personal for him.

Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to E-mail our list with something that’s enticing about that episode, get some interested in it and links back to our show notes page.

My dogs are going nuts right now so, sorry about that.

Then the final thing and this is a really powerful in that I found is if there are leaders of any online groups, forums, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, if it’s a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Meetup group, or Reddit thread, anything like that and you know who the leader of that group is, and this episode is particularly applicable for that group, then go ahead and shoot them a direct E-mail and just say, “Hey, we just put out this episode all about this, this, and this, and when we did the episode, all I could think about was your group and how this could help them.” If you feel like this would be really helpful for them, go ahead and share it with them; if not, no big deal.

It’s a total … If you think it’s beneficial, go for it. If not, no pressure and you’ll be surprised how often that gets shared and then really the kind of the typical ones is send it out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram if you use episodes specific artwork. You can see what we do and we actually feature our guest’s image there as well, so that makes it a little bit more enticing as well as the title of the episode, but then also 20 applicable membership sites, forums, groups, you can just directly post them up. I found that it’s really helpful to directly E-mail the leader of that group because if you recommend it, that comes with some weight, but if the E-mail or if the leader of the group recommends it that packs a serious punch.

This is the very simple checklist you can use for every episode. There’s a lot more things you could do, but these are the biggest, highest impact items you can do. You can go ahead and download this checklist, so that you can review it every time you go through it below this video in the show note, so go for it.

All right folks, that’s literally all there is to it. It’s that simple. I’m Ben Krueger. This has been Authority Engine TV where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business with the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. You can grab this pdf, the sheet, the checklist down below this video that if you are watching it on YouTube, check out the link below and it will take there. You’ll be able to grab that and it will be really useful for you to use it as a checklist as you publish every episode and that will make sure you’re actually promoting yourself properly and you’re getting it out to all the channels you can. Have a fantastic week and see you next week.

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