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Let’s start a great podcast for your business.

The best way to build massive goodwill, amplify your authority and consistently transform your audience into clients is with a podcast.

The problem is that podcasting takes too much time, is intimidating and there are so many things to figure out to make it work.

Not only that, but this is important, and you want to DO IT RIGHT…

…so your podcast gets put on the “future projects” list.

Not anymore. It’s time to start your podcast.

The Podcast Launch Program is our 5 step done-for-you service for transforming your ideas into a professional podcast where you simply record content and our team creates, launches and produces your podcast for you.

With this process, you easily start and host a premium podcast in just a few hours each month that turns your audience into clients, grows your platform and builds authority in your industry.

“When my Podcaster’s Paradise members want someone to launch their podcast FOR them, I introduce them to Ben. I always know they’ll get the red carpet treatment and his podcast launch service is ON FIRE!”

John Lee Dumas, award winning host of EOFire

What's Included?

The Podcast Launch Program is our 5 Step done-for-you service to get your podcast outlined, created and launched in six to eight weeks.  Then you simply record episode content and we handle the production and publishing for you.


Strategic Planning

Our Podcast Coaches combine your ideas with our podcast expertise to form a detailed, professional outline that lays the foundation for your podcast.

Branding Creation

Our Designers then craft eye catching podcast artwork and a professional Intro & Outro with custom voiceover and soundtrack so your podcast stands out.

Technical Setup

Our Producers handle all the technical setup of your podcast, we submit you to all the top platforms and we integrate everything with your website. 

Launch & Promotion

Our Podcast Launch Formula ensures your podcast is seen by a highly targeted audience of your best prospects and we provide all the tools, templates  and scripts for a highly successful podcast launch.

Ongoing Publishing

Once your show is live, you simply record episode content and let our Producers do the rest. We edit, write compelling show notes for and publish every new episode for you as part of our ongoing podcast editing service.

Growth & Monetization

You get ongoing training, resources and support for growing your podcast, turning listeners into clients and more. We provide support to ensure podcasting is a high ROI activity.

“Our Financial Advisor Success podcast has been an integral part of our overall marketing strategy, which collectively has helped our businesses generate more than $4M in new revenue over the past 2 years.”

Michael Kitces, host of Financial Advisor Success

How it Works

Here’s how the Podcast Launch Program works…

Our team works with you to plan, create and launch a professional podcast for your business in 6-8 weeks.

You bring your ideas and your voice as the podcast host, our team handles everything else, personally coaches you every step of the way and provides insider strategies to ensure your show is wildly successful!

Here’s how it works:

Podcast Creation & Launch | 6 – 8 Weeks

Step 1: We ask for some background information on you, your brand and the vision you have for your podcast so we can hit the ground running.

Step 2: We have a 60 minute call where we outline and develop your podcast, artwork, intros & outros, and clarify how your podcast will generate leads and clients.

Step 3: Our team creates your podcast artwork, intros & outros, and we coach you through getting your podcasting equipment set up and recording your first 3 podcast episodes. We also have a 60 minute call to finalize your podcast elements and address any recording questions.

Step 4: We share our proven podcast launch strategy and have a 60 minute pre-launch call to dial in your podcast launch and make sure everything’s all set for your launch.

Step 5: Our team handles all the technical stuff for you:

  • We create and optimize your podcast’s RSS feed for optimal ranking in iTunes
  • We integrate your podcast with your existing website
  • We create a podcast page on your existing website
  • We edit, produce and write show notes for your first 3 podcast episodes
  • We schedule everything to publish on your launch day
  • We submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and all the top podcast directories
  • We check to make sure everything is 100% set for your podcast launch
  • We coach you through any questions you have, and ensure a fantastic launch

    Ongoing Support | Monthly


    After your show launches successfully, you simply focus on recording your content. Our team will edit and produce your audio recordings into professional episodes, write up compelling and engaging show notes posts for each episode and schedule everything to publish at the proper time for you.

    In other words, you record content, we handle all the production and publishing for you automatically.

    You also get access to our Podcaster Pro training series the help you hone your skills as a podcast host, integrate your podcast into your marketing efforts and maximize the results from your new show!

    This podcast launch service really is the easiest way for you to start and host a premium podcast that generates ROI for your business.

    You can also find answers to common questions in our FAQ here, or if you schedule a call we’ll happily answer all your questions!

    Click to Hear to Alan Moore's Story

    Alan Moore, host of XYPN Radio

    More Client Success Stories

    Ron Wilder - Podcast Launch Program testimonial

    Ron Wilder

    The Aligned Action Podcast

    “Launching was a breeze with Ben and his team. From a strategy perspective, working with them clarified several criteria of how we position our service – that’s worth the price of admission on its own.”

    HH - Podcast Launch & Management Services Testimonial

    Hilary Hendershott

    Profit Boss Radio

    “At every turn, they’ve offered best practices, lessons learned, professional feedback and generally been real pros to work with. This is one decision that, as a business owner, has truly had a huge ROI.

    David Saltzman - 5 Step Podcast Launch Services

    David Saltzman

    The ShiftShapers Podcast

    “They built my first episode and helped me with all the creative aspects necessary to create a world class podcast. They have an incredible depth of expertise and are always there to answer my questions!”

    90 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Does starting a podcast feel risky?

    It doesn’t have to. Here’s why…

    We only work with clients we know will see big results and ROI from podcasting.

    That is why we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

    If at the end of 90 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money, AND you get to keep the podcast and all content and assets we created for you. 

    This guarantee forces us to only work with people who will actually benefit from our podcast launch service, and podcasting. If we don’t think you’ll see ROI from podcasting, we’ll tell you so and will advise you in a different direction.

    It’s that simple.

    This is also why we require all new prospects to have a consultation call to work with us. We don’t just work with anyone, we only work with people we know we can produce results for.

    Podcast Launch Service Money Back Guarantee

    136 Podcast Episodes
    640,000 All Time Downloads
    $30,000 in Recurring Revenue in 10 Months
    $200,000 in Recurring Revenue in 3 Years

    These are the results Hilary Hendershott is seeing with podcasting after starting with the Podcast Launch Program. This stuff works.


    Podcast Launch Program: 6 – 8 Weeks | $5,999

    The turnkey cost for the Podcast Launch Program is a one-time $5999. Then your show launches and we transition to a $899/mo subscription for ongoing podcast editing and publishing services for weekly episodes. No contracts, cancel anytime.

    This includes:

    1. Podcast Creation & Technical Setup

    • Strategic planning and show outlining with an experienced Podcast Coach
    • Beautiful, eye-catching podcast artwork designed by our in-house designer
    • Professional intros and outros with custom voice talent and audio branding
    • Podcast hosting setup and RSS feed creation and optimization
    • An attractive, blog-style podcast page integrated with your website
    • Your first three episodes edited, with written show notes and published

    2. Professional Coaching & Guidance

    • Guidance on the perfect recording equipment, gear and software
    • Coaching on being a great host, and sounding like a pro when you hit record
    • Three one-hour calls with your Podcast Coach for the best possible podcast
    • Full support to answer all strategy, tech, equipment and podcasting questions

    3. Podcast Launch & Marketing

    • Submission and distribution to iTunes, Stitcher and all the top directories
    • A highly effective launch campaign that ensures instant listeners and growth
    • Proven templates for all launch promotional materials including emails, social posts, etc
    • A Pre-launch Review to ensure everything’s working smoothly and you’re confident

    4. After Your Podcast Launches

    • Pricing: $899/mo to publish weekly podcast episodes 
    • See pricing for other publishing schedules here
    • A dedicated Podcast Production Manager to ensure your show goes out like clock-work
    • Your audio edited into beautiful and professional podcast episodes
    • Engaging show notes posts written for each episode with bullet points & links
    • (Optional Add-on) Full episode transcripts in your show notes and in downloadable PDF format
    • Your episodes automatically scheduled to publish and sent to you for review
    • Access to the Podcaster Pro training series to hone your skills, implement top strategies and maximize the results from your new show!

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