Podcast Launch Program FAQ Page


I’m not sure starting a podcast is right for me. How do I decide?


That’s precisely why you should talk to us—we’ll help you make sure your idea, your brand and your goals are best suited for starting a podcast.

To get a strategic overview for how best to use podcasting for your business, get our free book: How to Start a Podcast That Gets You More Clients. This book talks you through the best strategies and approaches, as well as the first steps to start a podcast for a business.

Then, to test to see how well suited your situation is to podcasting, I created the Podcast Success Scorecard which you can fill out for free.

Our process does not work unless podcasting makes sense as a strategy for you. We don’t ever try to sell people that aren’t a good fit for podcasting on working with us. So the very first step in our process — before we start — is insuring that podcasting is, in fact, the right decision for you.

Not everyone is right for starting a podcast, and we’re happy to tell you that.  We begin by helping you understand exactly why you want a podcast, what results you want this investment to get you, which of strategies will do the best for you, and then how to proceed.

For most people we talk to, the question is not whether podcasting is right for them. It’s how they should go about it so it generates significant ROI without becoming a time-suck. You can book a call with us here to discuss this further.

I don’t know exactly what my podcast should be about. Should I figure that out first?


Not necessarily. You should call us, because this is exactly what we do—help you figure out if podcasting is right for you, and exactly what the topic should be and the show best format for you. And of course, we will do that BEFORE you decide to work with us (and pay us).

Probably the most valuable part of our process for most people is what we call “Visioning.” This is where we help you figure out exactly what your podcast is all about. It works by running you through three questions:

1. What result must this podcast create in order to be a success for you?
2. What audience do you need to reach in order to get that result?
3. What do you have to say that’s interesting and valuable to that audience?

I have very little time. Could I still run a podcast?


You’re not alone. Most of our clients came to us with this exact concern and the way we’ve designed our process is so you can focus on running your business, and have a professional podcast generating tons of quality content in as little of your time as possible.

At the end of the day, our clients spend about 15 hours total over the first 6-8 weeks to launch and promote the podcast, then only 1 hour per week on the podcast. This is mostly recording content and sharing the new episodes with your audience when they publish.

They’re able to spend so little time on podcasting because of the air-tight processes we’ve developed for clients. 

What makes the Podcast Launch Program different from a podcast course or consultant?

Courses teach you steps that YOU need to take on your own. Consultants tell you what to do, but again YOU need to do the actual work.

The Podcast Launch Program is a process where you simply bring your ideas to the table. We do all the work, all the heavy lifting and all the ‘setting up’ for you, and provide coaching along the way so you’re set up for podcasting success without 95% of the work.

The only responsibilities you have when working with us is recording your content, and then sharing new episodes with your audience after we edit, produce and publish them.

Oh, and we give you promotional templates, scripts and a checklist of exactly where and how to promote each new episode. It’s streamlined so well that our clients have their VA or Assistant handle those tasks so they only have to show up to record new episodes.


How long does the whole process take, start to finish?


There are 2 phases in the Podcast Launch Program. Phase 1 is all the tasks needed to get your new show created and launched on your website, in iTunes and across the web.  This portion takes 6-8 weeks depending on YOUR schedule and how quickly you want to launch your show. It usually takes around 15 hours of your time.

In Phase 2, you’re now a published podcaster with a few episodes. Now you simply record content and share raw audio files with our team. We edit, write show notes for and schedule your episodes to publish on your site, in iTunes and other directories for you. Your only responsibilities in Phase 2 are to record content and share the published episodes with your audience.

Most of our clients use podcasting as a long-term growth strategy and so Phase 2 lasts until you no longer want to publish new episodes. There’s no contracts and we simply charge a monthly subscription for our ongoing support services.

How do I know I will like the podcast you create for me?


First, we have a kickoff call where we discuss and outline your entire podcast so we have a crystal clear idea of what you want for your podcast. Then, as we create all the pieces and set things up, you get to it come together and we’re always able to revise and refine what’s created to match your vision more precisely.

We guide you and create everything for you, you simply tell us what you want!

And after 90 Days if you don’t love your show or feel unsatisfied in any way, you’re covered by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. You get to keep the podcast and all assets we’ve created for you, and get 100% of your money back.


We can only offer this because we’re so selective about who we work with, and we only take on clients we know we can get big results for with a podcast.


Should I do this now? I’m thinking about waiting a few months until…


Here at CFP we are a huge fan of focused work, and so we never think you should be spread too thin with your projects. If you are juggling a million things and don’t have 5 minutes to cobble together to think about this, then we advise that you book this project with us a few months out.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Remember that you need 15 hours available over the course of the first 6-8 weeks, so a major aspect of working with us is that you DON’T need a ton of time available to dedicate towards this.
  2. These projects take about 6-8 weeks from the kickoff, so if you want to launch in 3 months, then we need to schedule your project to start within the next 4 weeks or so.
  3. If you have too many things going on, and then say “I’ll revisit this when I have more time”….you will never get to it. Generally it must be scheduled or you will probably always be too busy to think about it. Create the space for the project now (whether it makes sense to start it now or later) or else other things will always fill up your available bandwidth.
  4. Again, we highly recommend scheduling these projects in advance, because that make sure it happens, stays on schedule, and that we have availability (currently we only work on about 4 podcast launches at a time). If you come to us and say “I want to start and launch my podcast in 3 weeks” then chances are we will say “sorry – we are happy to schedule this project to start in 2 weeks when a client slot opens up, and launch in 8-10”. This is true of any provider who will take the time to do a great job for you.

What is the process exactly?


Step 1: We send you an onboarding form to complete that gives us some background information on you, your brand and the vision you have for your podcast so we can be efficient and effective with our time together.

Step 2: You get a dedicated Podcast Coach to guide you through this process, and spend an hour on the phone for your Kickoff Call where we outline and develop your podcast, artwork, intros & outros, and clarifying how your podcast will fully express your message and generate results.

Step 3: Our team creates your podcast artwork, intros & outros, and coaches you through getting set up and recording your first 3 podcast episodes. You also have a one-hour Review Call with your Podcast Coach to finalize your podcast elements and address any recording questions.

Step 4: We share our proven Podcast Launch Formula and spend an hour on the phone for a Pre-Launch Call discussing a launch strategy for your show and making sure everything’s all set for your launch.

Step 5: Our team will take it from here:

  • We create and optimize your podcast’s RSS feed for optimal ranking in iTunes
  • We integrate your podcast with your existing website
  • We create a podcast page on your existing website
  • We edit, produce and write show notes for your first 3 podcast episodes
  • We schedule everything to publish on your launch day
  • We submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and all the top podcast directories
  • We check to make sure everything is 100% set for your podcast launch
  • We coach you through any questions you have, and ensure a fantastic launch

Ongoing Support: After your show launches successfully, you simply focus on recording your content. Our team will edit and produce your audio into a professional episode, write up a compelling and engaging show notes post for your episode and schedule everything to publish at the proper time for you.

In other words, you record content, we handle all the production and publishing for you automatically.

This is the greatest authority building tool you’ll ever own and this Podcast Launch Program is designed to get your podcast started and attracting new listeners in 6-8 weeks.

It really is the easiest way for you to launch and host a premium podcast that gets results.

Book a call with us here to learn more and get started.

Will you coach me to be a good podcast host?


Yes!  You will have a dedicated Podcast Coach who will work personally with you throughout getting set up, recording your first episodes and getting your show launched.

Our Podcast Coaches are all seasoned podcasters themselves, marketing strategists and fantastic hosts so a big part of this program is being there to coach you in all facets of being a great podcaster.

Also, once your show launches with a few episodes of content, you’ll have continued access to our team for strategy and hosting skills advice, and ongoing help to ensure you and your show are a raving success!

What does the end result look like? Show me some samples!


We’re happy to! We’re VERY proud of the work we’ve done to support clients so below are some links to podcasts we’ve created and launched for clients that you can check out:


Why should I work with you?


If you want to launch a podcast, and don’t already have a well-trained team ready to set it all up and pump out content for you already, then you should work with us. Why? Because chances are if you don’t…

1) You may never actually launch your podcast and reap the rewards. You will start then realize it is a ton of work you are not set up to handle. I can probably count on one hand the number of people who talked to me, then went off to do it on their own and actually ever finished their podcast. Most folks never get anywhere with it on their own because they’re simply too busy with other, high-priority projects.

2) If you do finish it, there is a 90% chance it will not be very good or will take too much of your personal time to run. Nothing against you – making a good podcast is hard. There is a learning curve, and as stated before, it doesn’t matter how much you know about the topic, you need people with podcasting strategies and skills to do a great job (or spend 6-12 months developing these skills or training the team to do this in house).

3) There is a massive opportunity cost to #2. If you are spending 6-12 months to develop a podcast that might be good – what other things were you not able to do because you were trying to figure this out?

4) Predictably high-quality results. How long would it take you to actually launch your podcast? How long would it be? What would it look like? To be frank, there are a million and one decisions to be made. With us, you have a clear timeline, clear expectations, and a team of podcast creation specialists who know exactly what they are doing to support you throughout the whole process.


How do I make money with my podcast?

There are essentially two ways to monetize a podcast.

One is through promoting other peoples products/services through sponsorships or affiliate arrangements. This is very common among podcasters and an easy form of extra revenue if you’re open to featuring advertisers on your show.

The second, and generally the far more profitable option that we focus on with clients is to use podcasting as a marketing tool to expand your audience, build a strong relationship with listeners and share your OWN products or services as the next step for your listeners to achieve the result they want.

This is done very effectively by our clients to consistently generate hot leads that know, like and trust them. From coaching and consulting programs to booking high profile speaking gigs and selling courses, SAAS products or premium services, podcasting is very effective for amassing a trusting, educated and hungry audience.

As a bonus, many of our clients monetize their shows with BOTH sponsorships and by promoting their own products, services and programs.

Our clients that see the highest return (5x-100x) from podcasting are those that already have an audience, already have a website, have a clear product or service to offer and know exactly who their target audience is.

They simply need a way to scale their impact and reach more people. Podcasting serves as their cornerstone tool for expanding the reach of their platform.

How many downloads does my podcast need to work financially?

That depends on how you intend to use your podcast, how targeted your audience is and your monetization method.

If you choose to monetize by selling your own products and services (especially if the lifetime value of a new client is a $1,000 or more for your business) then you don’t need many listeners at all. You can have a thriving business with only a few hundred listeners.

If you choose sponsorships to monetize, you’ll either need:
A. A pretty large audience ( think 5,000+ listeners)
or B. A highly targeted audience of people that advertisers are dying to get in front of because they can be lucrative clients for that sponsor (think financial services sponsors for podcasts focused toward real estate investors). For these shows, you can sell sponsorships at a much higher rate (to the right sponsors) given the value of your audience.

If you’ve ever done an event in the past with sponsors, those same people are a great place to start when considering sponsors for your new show.

How can I grow my audience with my podcast?


Podcasts are extremely sharable because they’re viewed as a valuable, educational resource that’s free to consume. Because of this, people typically listen to multiple podcasts on their topics of interest which makes it easier for you to reach new audiences with your message.

You’ll also be discovered in iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other podcast directory platforms which now have BILLIONS of people using them every day to find content and resources they like. Opportunity abounds here.

Additionally, podcasting content doubles as blog text content and can be repurposed in many additional ways to improve your site’s SEO rankings for key search terms.

 How successful are the podcasts you’ve done so far?

Here is a list of some of our more recent podcasts: (And most have been very successful.)

Here are a few case studies we’ve done with clients to see how podcasting is working for them:

Some results that our clients have gotten from their podcasts: 100,000+ downloads, countless media coverage opportunities, dozens of high-dollar clients, $60k+ sponsorship deals, keynote speaking deals,  …the list goes on and on.

How long should my podcast episodes be?


This question really depends on your unique audience, topic and podcasting goals. In a quick conversation though, we’ll be able to give you our best advice based on what’s working right now. We’re happy to address these strategy concerns on a free consultation call. Go book a call here and we’ll help you figure this out for your unique scenario.

Should I do interviews, have a co-host or record episodes by myself?


Again, this depends on your audience, topic and what you want to achieve with the podcast. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and can help you answer this question for your unique situation if you book a call with us here.

What if I’m not very ‘tech savvy’?


Perfect! Most of our clients are not tech savvy and want to keep as far away from the confusing tech, setup and configuration part of podcasting as possible.

If you can speak into a microphone that we help you set up, and you can send emails, then you too can host a premium podcast, we’re here so the tech won’t stop you!

What if I already have my own equipment? What if I don’t?


Wonderful! On our Kickoff Call, we always discuss recording equipment to figure out what you have, what you don’t and what the best setup is for you personally.

We have a few podcast recording microphones & softwares that we highly recommend since they allow top-quality audio recording with easy-to-use equipment so you never avoid recording content due to equipment confusion.

If you have equipment, that’s fantastic. We’ll ensure it’s properly set up and prepared for use. If you don’t have your own equipment, we’ll recommend the best possible (and easiest possible) setup for you situation.

What do I use to record episodes? How about interviews?


If you plan to record episodes without any guests or co-hosts, you simply sit down with your laptop, a microphone and use a free recording software to record your podcast audios. It really is that simple.

If you plan to do interviews or have a co-host during your episodes, you have two options. First, we highly recommend Zoom. It’s a free calling system that allows you to make a call with your guest or co-host, and it records both sides of the call and you’re done!

The other popular option is simply using Skype with a basic call recording software. Both methods are easy to set up and use.

What platforms do you use to set up my podcast?


The only real ‘platform’ needed to set up a podcast is a podcast hosting account. This is where your audio files will live, and when we submit your show to iTunes and the other directories, we use a tool called Libsyn to host your podcast files. It’s just $15 / month (and we’ll hook you up with your first month for free).

What podcast directories do you submit my show to?


*Note* This changes frequently, but we currently submit podcasts to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn and iHeart Radio. There are a many others, and we can often set up your podcast to auto-distribute to other platforms like Youtube, but we’ve found that for our clients, most of their downloads inevitably come from iTunes with the remaining downloads coming from directly on their website and the platforms listed above.