What’s the best podcast hosting service? We will compare some of the best options around in this episode.

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“What podcast hosting service should I use for my show?”

This is a common question when podcasters are just starting out because of the number of options available.

Podcasting has become a big deal and it feels as though there is a new podcast hosting service available every single day.

Because of the amount of new technology constantly coming out, this information can become outdated quite quickly so it is important to review the newer services as they become available.

With that being said, there are several evergreen tips you can use to choose your hosting service, which we will be sharing today, as well as our current top podcast hosting services.

What Is a Podcast Hosting Service and Why Do You Need It?

Podcast hosting services offer to store and deliver your media files.

Podcast episodes are large files so delivering them from the same server will take a lot of resources.

This may make your website slower, or even worse, it could cause your site to crash.

This means listeners will not be able to download your podcast.

And that’s exactly why you need a podcast hosting service.

Podcast Hosting Service: Buzzsprout

podcast host

BuzzSprout is one of the easiest podcast hosting services to use.

It prides itself on simplicity and is particularly great for new podcasters just beginning their journey.

They have a free version that allows you to upload up to 2 hours of content per month.

However, if you choose to go with the free option, your episodes will expire after 90 days and they do automatically insert ads into your content.

They also offer three paid plans that offer increased storage ranging from 3 to 12 hours a month, with the most expensive of the paid plans costing $24/month.

This service automatically submits your uploaded podcasts to the top directories depending on the publishing schedule you’ve defined.

You have the ability to add chapter markers, which gives your audience the option to quickly jump between segments of the show depending on what they’re wanting to hear.

Podcast Hosting Service: Captivate

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Captivate is a great choice for those looking to grow and monetize their podcasts.

One of the best things about Captivate is that there are no limits on uploads or storage space.

Instead, Captivate limits accounts by the number of downloads.

This platform also offers analytics to help you track the reach of your show.

There is the ‘Calls to Action’ feature that you can use to insert two custom links in the podcast player, which is handy if you’re using a tool like Patreon.

You can also use Captivate to host private or members-only shows.

There are three pricing options which include the $17/mo plan allowing 12,000 downloads/month, the $44/mo plan allowing up to 60,000 downloads/month, and the $90/mo plan allowing 150,000 monthly downloads.

Podcast Hosting Service: Libsyn


Libsyn is one of the original podcast hosting services and is the one we recommend to our clients and use for our internal shows.

Over the years Libsyn has raked up quite a strong community of podcasters, making it incredibly reliable.

One of the best features of Libsyn is that it offers unlimited bandwidth.

It offers an intuitive dashboard, which gives you all the essentials such as uploading, publishing, listing, and scheduling options.

As we use Libsyn ourselves, we can also state that they have incredible customer service.

Libsyn plans start with the $5/mo plan, which offers 162MB of uploads per month. Next up, is the $15/mo plan, which includes 324MB of uploads, followed by the 540MB plan for $20/month.

In Closing…

Whichever podcast hosting service you choose, you really can’t go wrong, and remember, you always have the option to switch services later down the track.

Something to be aware of is expiring content, unwanted ads, and potentially loss of rights to your own content when selecting the free versions that many services provide.

This might mean that if you want to move to a different service they won’t allow you to export your content.

For this reason, we never recommend the free version of podcast hosting services.

By picking one of the three mentioned above, we believe you won’t be disappointed.



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