What’s the best podcast format for your show?

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When creating and planning for your show, your podcast format is generally one of the first decisions you will have to make.

We’ve spoken previously about how to map out your content to ensure you’re providing value to your audience.

Your podcast format can also make a big impact on how your audience reacts and relates to your show.

So, what are the options?

  1. Interview: You bring guests on to your show to discuss relevant topics.
  2. Co-Hosted: You have a partner who contributes equally to the show.
  3. Solo: You are the one and only host and you share your knowledge and expertise.

But, wait, that’s not all there is to consider.

You also want to understand the frequency in which you should be providing this content to your audience as well as in which form (just audio or audio and video).

So, let’s dive into all of this today.

Do I Have To Stick To One Podcast Format?

Podcast format

Oftentimes, podcast beginners don’t realize that they have options as far as podcast formats go.

They don’t recognize the endless possibilities they have available to them in terms of how they format their show.

Another common misconception about podcasting is that you must stick to the same format you started with.

This is incorrect.

The podcast format is fluid.

It is something that can shift and change when you want it to.

You can start with interview episodes and start weaving in solo teaching episodes.

Basically, you can change this format up however you see fit, whenever you see fit.

All you need to remember is to keep it within your audience’s best interest.

In fact, this is the number one rule to follow when making any decisions in regard to your podcast.

How can you be a hero to your audience?

Which Podcast Format Works Best?

podcast format outline

Let’s discuss audio versus video.

Video works really well for short-form teaching, interview or tutorial-style episodes.

Video can be a great podcast format if you’re wanting another way to connect with your audience.

However, as these videos are generally not very visually engaging, YouTube doesn’t prioritize these styles of videos.

This means you will need to be the main driver of traffic to your videos.

There is always the option to just start with audio and add video later.

It adds complexity and a face to your show, which can be great for engagement.

Next, we need to discuss long form content or short form content.

Really this comes down to how much time your audience has to listen and what style of content you are sharing.

If you’re doing teaching-style episodes, whether solo or with a co-host, and it’s very direct, short can work very well.

If you are conducting interviews, you generally want to give more time to dig deeper into questions and expose more of the stories and emotion-based responses.

How Do You Decide Which Podcast Format To Choose?

podcast format structure

So, if you’re thinking long versus short we would choose somewhere between the 12-45 minute range.

This tends to be the range that works very well for podcasters.

The frequency of uploads is another issue beginners seem to face.

How often should someone be uploading their show?

If the goal of the show is to create consistency, trust, connection, or community with your audience, we suggest publishing weekly.

This won’t create so much work that you won’t be able to keep up with it but it will be consistent enough to stay fresh in your listener’s minds.

We put together a training on the top three podcast formats that are working really well right now which you can check out HERE.

This will help you decide what might suit the needs of your audience most.

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