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“Ben really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, editing and producing a podcast. Highly recommended if you’re interested in maximizing your podcast’s impact!”


“Ben is a magic bullet allowing me to take my podcast production to the next level.”


“Ben does everything for me. All I’m focused on is generating that content, dropboxing the audio file and literally I kick my feet up.”


“Ben is fantastic to work with. Not only is he an experienced and professional podcast editor, the end product was exactly as if I’d done it myself. Perfect.”


Your time is valuable
Yet somehow, most of your time gets swallowed by small tasks… like podcast production.

We provide the world’s easiest podcast editing service so you can focus on recording great content, we take care of everything else.

You get to look and sound like a pro without wasting hours on each episode, and without the need to hire, train and manage a team to produce your podcast for you.
This service is perfect for you if…

  • You’re committed to podcasting long term
  • You publish a premium quality show
  • Your time is a high value asset
  • You love hands-off automation & simplicity

Here’s What YOU Do

Simply record your next podcast episode, and send us the audio files. You’re done! We take care of the rest…

Here’s What We Do

  • Remove any mistakes, umms & ahhs and unwanted content
  • Edit your content to ensure a smooth listener experience
  • Add your show’s intros, outros, music and other audio branding
  • Fine-tune your audio to ensure you sound like a pro
  • ID3 tag your MP3 file and optimzie for the best iTunes rankings
  • Upload your episode to your podcast hosting account
  • Write an engaging show notes post for your podcast episode
    • This includes:
    • An optimized episode title
    • Engaging paragraphs to introduce your episode content
    • Enticing bullet points around your content topics
    • Links to all tools, people and resources mentioned in the episode
  • Include your podcast’s artwork or guest photo in the show notes
  • Insert an attractive media player widget for easy listening
  • Include attractive “subscribe” buttons for listeners
  • Fully transcribe your episode
  • Include your transcription in your show notes
  • Turn your transcript into a branded PDF to use however you like
  • Review your episode and show notes to ensure premium quality
  • Schedule your episode & show notes to publish on your site
  • Send you a notification that your episode is complete

If you ever have an edit or change request, we update your episode immediately and send you a notification that it’s been updated!

See Some Examples

Podcast Editing Service Packages

Choose your service package below

Podcaster Premium

Weekly Episodes
  • Professional Audio EditingWe remove any mistakes, umms & ahhs and unwanted content in your episode and edit your content to ensure a smooth listener experience.
  • Including Audio BrandingWe add your show’s audio intros, outros, music and other audio elements to your liking.
  • Audio MasteringWe fine-tune your audio to ensure you sound like a pro.
  • ID3 Keyword TaggingWe ID3 tag your MP3 file and optimize your tags for the best iTunes rankings.
  • Written Show Notes With LinksWe write an engaging show notes post for your podcast episode including an optimized episode title, engaging paragraphs to introduce your episode content, enticing bullet points around your content topics and links to all tools, people and resources mentioned in the episode.
  • Tweetable Quotes For Each EpisodeWe pull 2 high quality quotes out of the episode and create easy Click to Tweet buttons to include in your show notes.
  • Featured Image For Each EpisodeWe create and episode specific featured image for each episode to be used as the featured post image.
  • Audio UploadingUpload your episode to your podcast hosting account.
  • Episode Publishing On Your SiteWe review your episode and show notes to ensure premium quality, and then schedule your episode & show notes to publish automatically on your site at the proper time and send you a notification that your episode is complete, and ready to be reviewed.
  • Full Episode TranscriptionWe fully transcribe each episode of your show which is great for SEO and readability and include that transcription in your show notes.
  • Branded Transcript PDFsWe turn your transcripts into a branded PDF for each episode to use as an opt-in offer, a free giveaway or however you like.

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A Few Of Our Clients You May Recognize

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I get started?
Here’s the steps:

Step 1: Click the ‘Get Started’ button, select your Service Package and checkout.

Step 2: Fill out a secure form to share basic access logins so we can edit and write show notes for your next episodes.

Step 3: We’ll set up a shared Dropbox folder for easy file sharing.

Step 4: Once your files are shared, we edit, write show notes for and send your first episode for approval within 72 hours!

Then you simply record content like normal and we continue handling your production for you. Easy peasy.

My podcast is my baby and I'm very particular, is that okay?

Great question. This is a custom podcast editing service so we’re willing to work with you to get your content consistently just the way you like it. The 30 Day trial is perfect for seeing if we are the right service for YOUR needs because if you’re not happy for any reason, we give you a 100% refund. So there’s nothing to lose. Let us show you how much easier podcasting is when everything after recording is taken care of.

I publish more (or less) than one episode a week. Can you help me too?

Absolutely!  We have different pricing for different publishing schedules.  Whether you publish daily, weekly, every other week or monthly, we’ll edit, write show notes and publish your podcast episodes for you.

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page for a quote.

How do I share my podcast content with you?

It’s easy! We use Dropbox for easy file sharing.  If you already use Dropbox, we’ll simply use your already existing folder system.  IF you don’t, we’ll set up a new Dropbox folder for you!  It’s that easy 🙂

How quickly are my episodes edited and published?

We can have your first episode edited, with show notes and ready to publish in just 72 hours.

After that, our policy is for the podcaster (that’s you) to upload the raw episode files to us via Dropbox at least 7 days prior to your publishing time. You will receive a completed episode and post along with a notification email at least 12 hours before your publishing time. If you get the files to us sooner, we generally will have them completed sooner as well. This helps our clients get into a routine for their production and actually record episodes for multiple weeks ahead of their publishing (aka batching).

Why not just do it myself?

You certainly can, and if you have free time you would prefer to spend editing podcast episodes then that may be the better option for you. This service is designed for people who want to harness the power of podcasting, without having to invest all their time in learning the ropes, then wading through each episode editing and writing up show notes each week. Which camp are you in?

What if I don't have a podcast yet?

Don’t fear! If you don’t have a podcast yet but are looking to launch one from scratch that builds your authority, starts gathering a tribe and generating leads for your existing or future business, our Cashflow Podcasting System is for you.

IF you already have some things together (like a few episodes recorded, your artwork, any intros or outros you want, etc) then the Podcast Setup Service outlined above is perfect for you.  We’re here to help your show get off the ground easily and quickly at a very reasonable rate!

My site isn't on WordPress. Can you still do it?

If your site isn’t on WordPress, that’s okay! We know many platforms like Rainmaker, Squarespace, Drupal and more.

Why Is This The Best Podcast Editing Service?

As the first all-in-one podcast editing service, show notes writing and publishing service in the industry, we know what podcasters’ need, and how to make things as easy as possible for YOU.

That’s why we do podcast editing, show notes, publishing and transcripts in ONE simple service.  Because you don’t want to hire, train staff or do the production yourself. And your podcast is important, so you need to TRUST the company you work with.

As a final note, the testimonials and referrals from our customers  who rely on our services are what really make us the best. We’re here to support greatness.

I have a question you haven't answered!
No worries, we’re here to help! At the bottom right corner of your screen, there’s a Live Chat window. We encourage you to submit any questions you have so we can help determine if this is the best option for you. We’re here to serve you and make podcasting simple again.  We promise to never push or hard sell you on our services.
I Want Customer References To Hear More About Their Experience!
We’re happy to provide customer references! Here’s a page dedicated to our customer’s experiences and honest feedback. Also, you can simply start a Live Chat with us in the bottom right corner of this page to get more 🙂 We’re here to help!

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