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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and leaders understand the value of podcasting as a business tool – the different strategies, strengths and weaknesses, in addition to accessing how it fits into their overall marketing plan on a case by case basis.

Then, once a good fit is established, we use our proven strategies to help leaders plan, launch, and grow their podcast so they can support their specific industry and make a significant impact through podcasting.


Through connecting with leaders, groups and communities to create meaningful educational content and live training that shares podcasting strategies, insights, and success stories.

This is most often accomplished through podcast interviews, guest blog posts, online workshops and training seminars with our incredible Podcast Educator, Valerie Shoopman!


Some of our most requested topics include:

  • How businesses can use podcasting to get more premium quality clients
  • The 8 Key Strategies behind the most successful business podcasts
  • What’s working now in 2021 to create, launch and grow your business podcast (and the common mistakes to avoid)
  • The perfect equipment, tools and processes for easy, effective podcasting
  • The top 3 podcast formats and how to record highly engaging content that turns listeners into clients 
  • The steps and strategies to start a world class podcast from scratch
  • How to systematically grow a podcast to increase your audience, influence and client base

Meet THe Podcast Educator


Valerie Shoopman is the Podcast Educator and Head Podcast  Coach with Cashflow Podcasting, where she helps industry leaders and advocates reach more people, change more lives, and move entire industries forward through the processes of Podcast Education and Coaching Strategies that work to plan, launch, and grow successful business podcasts.

Having a background in online marketing and online business coaching, as well as having collaborated on the launch of dozens of podcasts, Valerie has the knowledge and experience to help you plan the perfect podcast strategy for your specific business, and then put that plan into action to launch and grow your podcast.

Her background combined with Cashflow Podcasting’s extensive podcasting resources including their 8 Podcast Principles, has led to launching highly effective business podcasts for our clients and learning specifically what works and what doesn’t work. Our proven podcasting system which is built on these 8 podcasting principles along with real-world experience helps industry leaders create a world-class podcast for their business in just a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Valerie is here today to share with you how to plan, launch and grow a successful business podcast – including the strategies, principles, execution, and marketing necessary to make it happen. In addition, she’ll share valuable tools and resources for you to add to your Podcasting Success Library so you can refer to them over and over again throughout your podcasting journey.

Free Resources

Podcast strategies book

The Podcast Test

Some businesses get incredible results with podcasting while others flop. Find out with this free test if podcasting is a huge opportunity for your business. (no opt-in)

Podcast strategies book

The Book

Access our 8 Key Strategies learned over 8+ years to start the perfect podcast for your business that grows your audience and lands you more clients.

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Our Ideal Customer base

We are currently looking to partner with content creators, brands, and products that serve online B2B businesses and personal brands. Our bread and butter is working with B2B companies, professional services and personal brands that are already seeing success and looking to scale their business and impact using podcasting.

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Podcast Educator at Cashflow Podcasting
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