This week, we’ll continue with the topic of capturing emails through podcasting. I’m going to lay out a few options for you that will make it easy to  start converting your listeners to subscribers. Click on the video below to learn the techniques you can use for your podcast episodes that will sure help you grow your mailing list. What are you waiting for?


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to give your listeners that next step towards whatever it is you are offering after you’re done providing value or entertaining them.
  • Killer examples of how to entice your listener to get their email address.
  • What you can offer to your listeners in exchange for their email.


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All right ladies and gents, welcome back. I’m Ben Krueger and this is Authority Engine TV, where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning.

Today is a continuation in a little series we’re putting together on the Authority Engine TV channel here about capturing emails and the email opt-in process.

Let’s dive into it, this is step two.

All right, so as you can see we’re back at the park, there’s a little bit of construction going on here and there’s some trucks running around over there so there might be a little bit of background noise but we’re going to get into it and have some fun here, all about email opt-ins.

We’re going to start with the call to action. This is the part that brings people from listening to your podcast over to your website where they can opt-in using their email address.
There’s a lot of different pieces, parts, a lot of different things you can go with here but I’m going to lay out a couple of options that’s going to make it very easy for you.

All right, so here’s the first option and it’s probably the simplest. The call to action should be at the very end of your podcast or you can sprinkle them throughout the episode but you want to give people that next step. The whole point is they’ve listened to your show, they like what you’ve got to say, they agree with the content that you’re putting out there and they want to learn more or they want to get entertained more or they want more of whatever it is you’re offering.

You want to give them that next step. This call to action will allow them to take that next step and in order to do so, they’re going to share their email address with you.

The easiest one is join our newsletter. It’s very simple. It’s join our newsletter, get notified of all the new episodes that come out. It’s essentially there’s no opt-in bait, there’s no … We’re not getting fancy here, we’re just saying, “Come join us at our website. Here’s the domain.” On the homepage, there’s a big old email sign up.

Once somebody signs up to that, they’re on your email list, you can market to them on an ongoing basis and you can actually do different offers in the future but that will at least get you started. It’s not a whole lot of work to set up and it’s very simple.

The next step is what I call the opt-in offer or generally known terms around the internet is opt-in bait or opt-in offers. The easiest one here is to do a PDF of some kind. A really short, couple page eBook that helps people through a process.

Again, you want to think back to here’s what my listeners were experiencing during my podcast, what’s the next step they would want to take with me and how can I help them with a free giveaway via a little PDF form, a checklist, something like that that will be very valuable to them that they can come to your site.
They can give you their email in exchange for that free gift and then they’re happy, they’re on their way. You’re happy, you can reach out to them more and continue to engage with them more.
You can do checklists of tools and tricks that you used for whatever it is your podcasting about, you can do checklists or step-by-step instructions for certain scenarios. You can do all kinds of things, you can write short eBook, you can do a little write up about a certain topic and may be some information about that.

It really depends on what your podcasting about, who your audience is and what that next step is that they want to take from you.

The next video that we do is going to be about so now we’ve got that call to action. The next step is going to be what do we do once they’re on our list. How can we continue to engage with them? That’s coming at you next week but in the meantime, head to if you like what we’re doing here and there’s a little bit of bonus there and a couple of ways that you can help us spread the word about what we’re doing with Authority Engine podcast marketing and just generally, trying to help the industry do a better job with their podcast marketing.

I’m Ben Krueger. This has been Authority Engine TV. You guys have a fantastic week, we’ll talk …