Do you know how to upload a podcast?

If you’ve finished recording your first podcast episode, it’s time to learn how to upload a podcast. The process of uploading a podcast will vary depending on the streaming platform.

When it comes to distributing your podcast, there are three steps to consider:

  1. Upload your podcast files to a podcast hosting service.
  2. Submit your episode to all streaming platforms at once.
  3. Publish episode players from your host to your own website.

Let’s break each of these steps down in greater detail.

How To Upload A Podcast

The first thing you need to do is partner with a podcast hosting service. Fortunately, there have never been more podcast hosting services on the market for production teams to choose from.

Using a podcast hosting service, you can store episode files on their servers and they deliver these files to each of the major streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. The service should also be able to organize the files into a podcast feed that listeners can subscribe to.

First-time podcasters often assume that you must upload the audio files to each individual streaming platform as part of a long-winded process. In reality, with the support of the right hosting service, this doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s worth noting that podcast hosting services aren’t responsible for growing your audience. They merely give you the tools needed to grow your podcast audience.

There are two different ways to use a podcast hosting service:

  1. They can host your entire podcast website.
  2. They can host just your audio files and you have your own website.

The first option is very easy, as the hosting service provides a website template with space for audio players and show notes. However, these websites tend to be relatively simple, and you’re rarely given much freedom or flexibility over the aesthetics.

The second option is a little more hands-on, giving you full control over the layout and design of your website. If you go down this road, you would upload the audio files to your podcast host, and then publish the show notes and audio players on your website.

If you’re short on time, it would be easier to use the website template provided by the hosting service and review the use of this template further down the line.

When you create an account with a podcast hosting service, they will ask you to fill out some information and upload cover art to accompany the audio files. Once everything is uploaded, the hosting service will distribute the content to streaming platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

Some podcast hosting services may distribute your content to more platforms than others. To maximize the exposure of your audio content, you should partner with a podcast hosting service that distributes your content to the widest possible range of streaming platforms.

When you submit a podcast episode for distribution on a hosting service, it can take up to 24 hours for the content to appear on each individual streaming platform. In some cases, it may take longer, depending on many different variables.

How much does it cost to upload a podcast?

While many podcast hosting platforms charge a fee to host and distribute your content, several platforms are free for all to use. Anchor offers unlimited free hosting with no limitation on the size of the files you can upload.

Before allocating a budget to the distribution of your audio content, we strongly recommend booking a consultation with those offering podcast production services to ensure you’re leveraging the best solution.

How do I submit my first podcast?

Submitting your first podcast episode for distribution should be a relatively easy process. You will need to make sure you have the cover art and audio files ready for uploading, along with a brief description of the audio content.

It’s important not to rush the process of uploading and submitting your first podcast episode. A good hosting service will provide you with the support necessary to seamlessly distribute your content to the masses.

Where should I post my first podcast?

Ideally, your podcast content should be available on as many streaming platforms as possible. This will increase the visibility of your content and make organic audience discovery easier.

However, it’s important to note that relying on organic audience discovery is not an effective podcast marketing strategy. To maximize the potential exposure of your audio content, you should leverage a range of marketing channels to promote your podcast.

How do I post a podcast for free?

With the support of a service like Anchor, it’s never been easier to post a podcast for free.

When you use a free distribution service, this enables you to dedicate your podcasting budget to the production of high-quality audio content.

Is it free to put a podcast on Spotify?

If you pick the right podcast hosting service, it can be free to upload your podcast to Spotify.

What is the most popular podcast platform?

In 2020, the most commonly used platform for listening to podcasts in the United States was Spotify, with 25% of podcast listeners aged 18 or above saying that they used Spotify to listen to podcast content.

Rather than distributing your podcast to a single platform, it’s better to ensure your content is uploaded to a range of different platforms. This gives listeners the freedom and flexibility to consume your content on their streaming platform of choice. 

How do I upload a podcast to my website?

If you’re not using a website template provided by the hosting service, you can add podcast player widgets to your website – or simply use the website as a centralized hub with links to all the streaming platforms where audiences can listen to your content.

Initially, it seems logical to use the website template offered by the hosting service to create a website for your show. Further down the line, you could explore creating a website using a third-party service that would potentially offer greater flexibility around the layout and design.

To learn more about how to successfully launch your podcast, book a consultation call with Cashflow Podcasting today.

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