It’s official!

Google Play Music will soon include podcasts for free along side their current selection of music, and will be available for all Google Play users.

What does this mean for Podcasters?

Your podcast will have another iTunes-like platform to be discovered on!

All Android users will now have easy access to your podcast through Google Play Music.

That’s one BILLION active Google Play users each month according to Google.

Plus, they intend to help listeners find your podcast by suggesting relevant content (that’s Google’s core competitive advantage) and making your podcast easily discoverable through the Google Play Music platform.

As of now, no date has been announced for when users will be able to access podcasts, but they’re saying it’ll be live as soon as possible.

Here’s How To Benefit From This Massive Opportunity

Submit YOUR podcast to the new Google Play Music platform now, so it can be discovered, listened to and shared by over one billion active monthly Google Play users.

Step 1: Get Started

Click here to go to Google Play Music’s Podcast Submission Portal (

Google Play Music Podcasting


Step 2: Copy Your RSS Feed

There are some opportunities to make Google specific tags, but to keep things simple, use the same RSS feed you submitted to iTunes.

(Don’t know what your RSS feed link is? That’s OK, simply search for your podcast title using this free tool. Then copy the link below your podcast title.)

Podcasts On Google Play Music

Step 3: Paste Your RSS Feed Link

How to Get Your Podcast On Google Play Music


Step 4: Verify Your Email Address

Google Play will send an email to the email address you have associated with that RSS feed. You simply check your inbox and click to verify you own that email address.

How to Get Your Podcast On Google Play Music

Step 5: Review & Publish Your Podcast

At this stage, simply review the information Google Play has for your podcast to make sure it’s listed correctly. If it is, click publish to submit your podcast to Google Play for their approval. If it’s not correct, check to make sure you have the right RSS Feed Link (step 2 above) OR change the information within your RSS feed (full how-to article here).

Publish Podcast In Google PlayPublish Podcast In Google Play

Step 6: Celebrate, You’re Done!

Keep in mind, they haven’t announced when this will actually be available to Google Play users, but they’re working on releasing the platform as soon as possible so best to get listed now!

Google PLay Music with Podcasts


Now What? Thrive!

Congrats on getting listed in Google Play and setting up your podcast for even more growth!

That said, it’s tough to focus on actually GROWING your podcast and business.

As a podcaster, you know that recording content is only the start.

Then you have to edit your podcast, write up engaging show notes and gett your show ready to publish with every new episode.

Do you feel like you spend too much time ‘working on’ your episodes instead of growing your business? 

We’re here to help streamline your podcasting so you can work on GROWING again. Learn how we can help here.

Discover EFFECTIVE Podcasting Strategies

Now that your show is submitted to Google Play, listen to the Cashflow Podcasting Show (especially Episode #9) to learn how to use podcasting more effectively in your business for generating client sales, growing your influence and building incredible trust with your audience.

Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

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