My podcast strategy outlook changed forever the day I learned what I’m about to share with you. . .

If you’re one of the many folks out there looking to gain expert status in your industry, this hack is for YOU.

Meet John McIntyre, he’s a writer that specializes in email marketing that shares the story of his progression from unknown to being recognized as a top-tier celebrity authority.

John’s been featured on our podcast before, but I wanted to capture his REAL story because I think so many folks can benefit greatly from what he has to share.

In this quick mini-interview, you’ll learn John McIntyre‘s “backwards” approach that helped him leap into authority status among the top copywriters and internet marketers on the web.

You’ll hear his first hand, no-nonsense story of exactly how he got into podcasting and the pleasant surprises he discovered along the way.

(The video quality is meh, but the content is gold so don’t let that deter you!)

Note: I highly suggest considering what industry YOU want to grow and become an authority in, and the network of individuals you could connect with to get there.


Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

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