Vernon Foster, host of The Event Supremacy Podcast, joins us this week to talk about how to use podcasting to help grow your professional network. Vernon’s mission is to collaborate traditional in-person events, like conferences and workshops, with online events such as webinars, product launches and mastermind groups.

This episode is a rocking case study of how Vernon’s podcast helped position him as an authority – even though he had no online community prior to his podcast’s launch.


Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What A.C.T. is and why it’s important to your business.
  • Why committing to your podcast will grow your community.
  • How outsourcing pre and post production of your podcast can make you more efficient.
  • Why it’s important to always reach out and deliver with a position of value.


In the comments below:

Have you considered starting or joining a podcasting network to grow YOUR business?


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Power Concepts:

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