Click To Download The Content Marketing Leverage Handbook

Click To Download The Content Marketing Leverage Handbook

Podcasting has many marketing benefits and it all starts with content creation. Content creation requires your creativity and efforts…so why not squeeze every last drop for maximum exposure? Dan Faggella from Science of Skill joins us today to share how he gets more leverage from content marketing.

The “be everywhere” strategy is much easier than you may think. You already have the content. Learn the content marketing side, and you’re set for the platform or multiple platforms of your choice. Tune in now to learn how content marketing delivers exposure and engagement with your audience.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to re-purpose the content you already have in order to grow your audience.
  • Why it’s easier to repurpose than to create new content.
  • How to have 3+ months of content for your blog.
  • Different platforms for distributing a single podcast interview.
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule for best results.

In the comments below:

How are you getting more leverage from content marketing?


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “Repurpose content & squeeze every last drop for all your content creation efforts. @danfaggella”][spp-tweet “Repurposing beats creating new content, which is more work. @danfaggella”][spp-tweet “Make sure your site looks alive. @danfaggella”]


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Click To Download The Content Marketing Leverage Handbook