Have you ever done an interview with a guest where the he or she gave the same exact answers that you heard them give on other podcasts? Don’t worry…we are here to help you change this! On this episode of Authority Engine TV, I am going to explain to you exactly how to break interviewee out of that cycle and get fresh and interesting interviews from them. Grab your pen and paper or your favorite text editor and click play below to start learning!


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of remembering who’s running the show.
  • Why research and preparation are crucial to a “fresh” content interview.
  • The type of questions you should be asking your guests.
  • How to dig deeper with your questions.


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All right. I have got a question for you. Have you ever done an interview to where the interviewee gave the exact same answers that they did that you have heard them say on other interviews on other podcasts and it ends up being a script for them? They know exactly what they are going to say. They have been interviewed so many times that they just say the same thing over and over and over again. Obviously, that is not what we want as podcasters.

This episode, I’m going to teach you exactly how to break them out of that cycle and get fresh interesting interviews from people who have been interviewed so many times.

All right. I’m Ben Krueger, the podcast marketing guy and you are watching Authority Engine TV, where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. Let’s dive into it folks.

Again, we are going to be talking about getting those fresh interviews. This all really comes down to… I want you to keep this in mind as you are going through the interview is that you are in charge of the interview. Don’t let your interviewee run off down their typical story. You are running the interview so you can change however you want it to go. Keep that in mind. Even if you might perceive this person to be of higher stature status or whatever than yourself, you are running the interview so it is your job to get the best information for your audience. That is one thing I want you to keep in mind.

Number two is make sure that you know what you want from that guest. What I mean by that is do your research. What is it about that person? What stories, what experience, what advice do they have that you know will be really valuable to your audience that you want to come out in the interview? Make sure you do your research on the person and exactly what you want for them to end up talking about in the first place.

One good way to do this is a pre-interview. A lot of people do this as a way to make sure they suss out the best information and the best topics to talk about. That is one option for you as well.

You want to make sure that you know exactly what you are trying to get from them in the first place or what kind of information you are trying to get to come out in the first place so that you can actually do that.

Part two of this is you want to make sure you ask very specific and insightful questions. If you ask general questions, like “Hey, tell us your story about how you got started,” you are going to get those exact scripted answers that they have gone through so many times. Whereas if you ask a question more like, “hey I heard you had a really interesting start when you got into podcasting, when you got into internet marketing and I heard you got defeated right off the bat. You failed big. Tell us a little bit about how that went.” That is so much more specific and you are going to get a specific one-time answer as opposed to the typical story that they go through over and over and over again.

Then to continue with that same point, when they give you an answer, a lot of people kind of just accept that answer and move on to the next question. However, if there are still some interesting things there that you think can be dug up, make sure you dig a little bit with your questions. Let’s say they give you an answer, “You know, we failed big when we tried our first product launch. It didn’t go so well. We weren’t very excited about it so we ended up doing something else.”

Now, maybe instead of moving onto, okay, what was that something else, you go back a little bit and you dig. Say, what are the reasons you think that launch failed now that you have seen some success, you know what works, why do you think in retrospect, that launch failed or just dig into the interesting pieces that you know yourself and your audience are interested in.

All right folks. That is all I have got for you today. This has been part two of our epic interview series here at Authority Engine. I encourage you to check out authorityengine.com where you will find our podcast. You can obviously check out all the other TV episodes that we have been producing and we have got a couple of goodies on the homepage for you there. Whether you have started a podcast yet or you are still trying to get it going, that is the home for you.

I’m Ben Krueger. This is Authority Engine TV. I encourage you guys to go out, record your killer content, engage your audience and convert your listeners into paying customers. See you next Thursday morning folks.