Gary Leland from and Podertainment Magazine joins us on the show again to share exactly how he uses social media to promote his business and podcast.

Gary attributes his astounding seven-figure sales to the power of podcasting and social media because they are the connectors to his audience. If you want to learn how to utilize social media in the most effective and smart way to promote your business and podcast, tune into this episode now!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why it’s important for your target audience to discover you and NOT hunt for you.
  • Gary’s step-by-step social media promotion plan.
  • The benefits of scheduling a single post multiple times.
  • How podcasters and bloggers can use Reddit in their social media plan.
  • Why “evergreen content” is important for a social media plan like Gary’s.

In the comments below:

How are you using social media to promote your business and podcast?


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Power Concepts:

[Tweet “I want people to find me by accident. – @GaryLeland”]

[Tweet “Evergreen content is most effective for a social media plan. – @GaryLeland”]

[Tweet “Don’t start a personal Facebook page for your podcast. – @GaryLeland”]


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