If you goal with your podcast is to bring customers and clients into your business to buy your products or services, this episode of Authority Engine TV is for you! Today, we dig into how you can use podcasting as an important part of your lead funnel, and how you should be thinking about podcasting to make sure you get the most results, turning those listeners into paying customers. What are you waiting for? Press play below!


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • A common misconception people have about marketing possibilities with podcasting.
  • How podcasting can be used as an important part of your lead funnel.
  • How to build trust through email using your past killer episodes.


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Hey there and welcome, because today we’re going to be talking about how podcasting is actually part of your lead funnel, and how you should be thinking about podcasting to make sure you get the most results and you’re able to turn those listeners into paying customers.

First of all, what do I mean when I say podcasting is part of your lead funnel? As a business, as a profit-generating machine that you’re building and creating for yourself, a big part of that is the lead funnel. How do you bring customers and clients into your business? That’s you’re lead funnel. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be picking up the phone and giving people a call, or it can be really complex from lots of different lead capture pages and advertising and a whole bunch of different things.

I want you to consider podcasting as a piece of that, and not necessarily as the front piece. A lot of people think podcasting is an audience growth tool and that’s the only thing that they consider. I want you to think a little bit smarter than that, because we’re podcast marketers here. What you’re going to consider podcasting as is a relationship-building tool with people who do come to your list. It can help grow your list, but we’re going to think of it as a tool to develop deeper relationships with those people on our list as part of our funnel when they come in and want to build a relationship with us by subscribing with their email address, or joining our Facebook group, or something like that.

Particularly with email, that’s kind of the number one here, is if somebody signs up to a newsletter or somebody signs up to an auto-responder sequence of yours, how we do this is a couple of emails in after you’ve already given them the bonus that you’ve offered them, or welcomed to the email list and built up some initial excitement, what you want to do is introduce very specific episodes of your podcast from past episodes that have gotten a really good reception from your audience, that have got the most downloads, the most social shares, the most all that kind of stuff. You want to direct people to those episodes from your email list.

Typically, this is done with an auto-responder but you can also just send out direct broadcast emails. Once people get into your list and into your funnel, this is going to help you build a long term relationship with them by sharing content, sharing helpful information, and getting them interested in your podcast so they’re not just receiving an email from you every once in a while. Now they’re actually listening to your podcast. They’re getting to know, like, and trust you as a person. Who do you think they’re going to buy from as soon as they’re at the right part of the buying cycle?

This has been another episode of Authority Engine TV. I’m Ben Krueger, the podcast marketing guy. I encourage you all to go out and record, engage, and convert with your podcast marketing. See you next Thursday.