So you’ve got some listeners to go to your website and opt in to your mailing list… now what? In part 3 of our Email Marketing Course with Podcasting, I will particularly get into what we do next once you’ve built up your email list. These tips will help you get started with building a relationship with your subscribers and allow them to make a decision for themselves if your product or service is going to help them.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to make a connection with your subscribers immediately after they give you their email and begin a dialogue with them.
  • How to continue building that relationship.
  • Techniques and strategies to get your listeners to trust you and your brand.


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All right, so this is part three of your email marketing course with Podcasting, and we’re going to be talking about what do we do when somebody is on our email list? I’m Ben Kruger, this is Authority Engine TV where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of Podcast Marketing every Thursday morning, let’ s talk folks. Here we are in Alexandria, Virginia and I’m here in the hotel room as you can tell just kind of hang out. I couldn’t find a nice spot outside that’s okay though we’re going to do it right here and get it rolling. We’re going to talk about what do we do once somebody is on your email list? Now that they’d opted in how the heck do we use that as a powerful tool?

Let’s do it, the first thing that you want to do and this is assuming you’re using your email list, you’ve captured some of those emails on your website and you’d driven some of that traffic from your podcast, but you’ve also got natural organic traffic coming from SEO. You got traffic coming from your social media, from a couple of the other things that you’ve done, people that are coming to your website and they’ve signed in to get your opt in bait. Now they’re on your email list how do we go about like building that relationship and making sure that they engaged with us so we can walk them through the processes and allow them to come to a place to make a decision from themselves whether or not our product and services are going to help them.

All right, so here’s what we’re going to do number one. Your focus is to make a connection immediately. After so many signs up immediately of course they got their opt in bonus if you have one, but here’s your where your autoresponder sequence comes in whether you’re using Aweber or a InfusionSoft of MailChimp, it doesn’t matter. The concept is in that first email you want to welcome them and say, “Hey we’re really excited to have you here and we’re excited to share this information with you.” Then you want to get them to respond to you if possible.

In that first email you could often say, hey we’re really excited to have you here, I’m excited because we’re going to be talking about these things and you’re going to learn some of this stuff being on this newsletter. You’re going to get … You’re going to know where all of our contact comes out, but I want to get to know you, so I would love it if you could just hit reply and send me a quick 30 second response to this one question. That’s where you ask a very specific question to your audience that makes sense for them and what they may have come to you so that you can open up a dialogue with them.

With, ours you’ll see that what’s your number one challenge with podcasting or podcast marketing? For you something that might fit really well is what’s your number one challenge with whatever you podcasting talk about? Or what’s the biggest frustration you have with this? Or at wit this podcast or with this website what’s the number one thing that you would love to see from us? Something like that to where you’d given them just one thing to hit reply quick and send you a one sentence email so that you can begin that dialogue and kind of open up that relationship.

That’s an email number one. Then on the following emails you want to work on building a little bit of a relationship. You can do daily emails if you want, you can do every three days I think that’s more a little bit more typical. But one of the things that I found works really well to help that person really engaged with you, with your contact and get to understand and know you is let’s say email one you asked for the response, whether they do or not that’s okay that’s up to them. In email two, you talked about a specific concept within your podcast or your brand structure, except you’re talking about how to train to become a really high level cyclist.

Maybe email number two could talk about the nutrition in that whether it maybe juicing and how juicing is really helping some of the top bikers get to the real top of their game. As part of that email you can link to a piece of contact that you created before, so that can be a podcast episode that can be a blog post that can be a video that’s on your site. Of course you want to link back to your website so the page on your site that, that piece of content is and so you kind of give them some of the good pieces in the email and then for them to continue to engage with you, you send them to a piece of content of yours.

You want to sprinkle a few different content pieces in with your autoresponder series in the first couple of weeks that they signed up because that’s going to help you build that initial relationship with them. If they really like your content, they really like your podcast or your YouTube channel or your blog or your social media or whatever it is you’re linking to they’re going to be far more likely to subscribe to that so that you can continue to build that relationship on a long term basis which is our goal here. We want to build know, like and trust factor with them so that we can help them come to a place where we can help them with our products and services.

The real goal here is to give them a little bit in that email, then connect with the content that’s at your site and give them that ability to make that ongoing subscription type connection with you. You want to select pieces of content that have the most comments, that get the most downloads that get the biggest response because those are the real powerhouse pieces and they’re also the ones you want to select the ones that attract the most attention from your exact target listener. I feel like I’m going on and on and on now but this is part one to what you’re going to do once these people are on your email list.

Again, I’m Ben Krueger. This is Authority Engine TV and I’m really excited to help you guys go out there record, engage and convert your listenership into paying customers. If you want to learn more about how this works check out you’ll see a couple of the opt-in offers there. They’re really helpful by the way; one will help to streamline your production if you’re an existing show host. Another one will help you figure out if podcasting and kind of strategic podcasting is right for your business if you haven’t made that step yet. You’ll see in the first couple of emails kind of how this works right after you are done with your training sequence.

Right after you’re done with that opt in offer then you’ll go into get an immediate email that looks for a response and then you’ll get a couple of emails that educate you and that direct you to some of our other previous really well put together pieces of content that had gotten really big results, so go check that out. Love you guys, see you next week.