Are you a podcaster or a podcaster-to-be who wants to quickly grow their mailing list?

Great… this episode is just for you!

On today’s quick-and-dirty Podcast Power Tip, we cover exactly how you can start growing your email list faster using podcasting. Tune in to discover two ways you should be using calls to action to get folks to share their email address with you and how you can ask them to take additional action without overwhelming them in your podcast episodes.

Listen in below…

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Two types of calls to action you should have in your podcast.
  • Why you should give ONLY one call to action at the end of your episodes.
  • Tips for a successful opt-in offer.
  • How to get folks to take more action after they’ve taken the first step.

Power Concepts:

Double your email opt-ins with ONE simple change podcasting.

Why you should give ONLY one call to action at the end of your podcast episodes.


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