The Colossus of Copywriting John McIntyre is on the show today to share with us some keen insights into how listeners decide to engage more with you and your brand.  While copywriting is only one aspect of it, this episode is all about crafting an irresistible Call to Action for your listener base.

There are some real power-packed suggestions in this episode for converting listeners into prospects, and John takes us through the EXACT process he uses for creating a winning offer.  You’ll see a quick peak of his process below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why being CLEAR with your offer is the MOST important
  • How to discover your audiences’ problems so you can solve them
  • Why having a turtle in China will make you the ‘Bee’s Knees’
  • That in an ideal world, we would create a sales process for EVERY customer


In the comments below:

What is the absolute BEST Call to Action you’ve ever heard on a podcast?


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Power Concepts:

[Tweet “If you can increase relevance, you can increase response – @JohnMcIntyre_”]

[Tweet “Marketing is about matching the right offer to the right person – @JohnMcIntyre_”]

[Tweet “You have to understand them better than they understand themselves – @JohnMcIntyre_”]



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