James Schramko from Superfast Business is with us this week to share some of his dynamite tactics for creating short, actionable podcast episodes. When blended with a variety of content, you can use these techniques to feed warm leads directly into your business, or “own the racecourse”.

This episode is full of some seriously potent advice on how to implement these strategies, as well as tactics to KICKSTART your own business and see these results. You’ll get a brief glimpse at his insight below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The power of having absolute CONTROL of your publishing platform
  • How podcasting can raise awareness to your brand
  • The secret to “Marketing like an Octopus” and syndicating your media
  • How to utilize short podcast episodes to create a call to ACTION


In the comments below:

What is the absolute BEST Call to Action you’ve ever heard on a podcast?


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Power Concepts:

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