Have you created a content plan for your podcast?

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What should you talk about on your podcast?

It takes time and effort to put together an engaging content plan for your show, however, it is well worth the investment.

When creating their podcast topic ideas, folks often get stuck on one of two things:

1. They are interested in too many things and can’t seem narrow it down to just one.

2. They have a few ideas but they feel unsure as to whether they will have enough content to keep their show going long term.

Regardless of where you are at, creating a content plan for your podcast can be imperative to the success of the show.

Let’s talk through how to create episode content that helps your audience make progress in their journey whilst also building trust with them along the way.

Creating Your Perfect Podcast Content Plan

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Think of yourself as a guide for your audience.

You are there to help them through uncharted territory.

You’re helping them navigate these choppy waters to help them get to where they’re trying to go.

In Episode 7: How to Craft an Effective Client Journey, we talked about understanding and mapping out where you’re audience is starting and where you’re going to help them go.

The best way to make engaging podcast content is to consider yourself a guide and an advocate for your audience.

With this in mind, it’s really hard to make content your audience won’t enjoy.

If you consider yourself a guide and an advocate for your audience, then you’re always keeping your audience’s best interest in mind.

A Content Plan That Works

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Think about a podcast topic.

Does this help your audience take the next step in their journey?

Will it help your audience get through to the next stage?

If the answer is yes, then you’re still the guide helping them navigate their way.

It becomes a red flag for you to reconsider the content choice if you’re unsure of the answer to either of the questions above.

At the end of the day, you are the guide.

What do guides do?

1. You show them the way.

2. You warn them of things to watch out for along the way.

Those are the two core categories of podcast content.

Identify ways that people can move forward on their journey, including the emotions and hurdles they may have to jump throughout.

Once you’ve nailed down those stages or emotions, organize your content around each step.

Whether you are creating a solo teaching episode or conducting an interview, there needs to be a core central topic that is there to help your audience move forward.

The Ultimate Content Plan

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This is something that one of our clients, Andrew Youderian, does really well.

His podcast, eCommercefuel, is for experienced eCommerce business owners.

Every episode has a specific topic that is very poignant for helping these eCommerce business owners grow, improve their SEO, improve their shipping, etc.

He will create solo episodes, he will have guests for interviews or he will have a co-host join him to discuss one of these topics.

Regardless of who is on the show, the value he is providing for his audience never wavers.

To help you create a successful content plan like Andrew’s, we’ve created the Podcast Content Planning Workbook.

This document has a series of questions that will help you extract the best content ideas for your podcast.

Use this guide to focus your content to make sure it is high value and that it takes your audience where they need to go.

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