Is there a content framework that truly works for delivering value to your audience?

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How do you lay out and plan the content that goes into your episodes?

Do you make it up on the spot and hope for the best?

Do you script everything out to ensure there is no room for errors?

When planning out what you’re going to talk about on your show, we have found there is a simple content framework that you can follow that makes all the difference.

By following this content framework, your listeners will be engaged, curious, and excited about what you’re creating and putting out into the world.

It will allow you to get a really good flow going with your content and works regardless of what kind of show you are creating – solo, co-hosted, interview, etc.

There are six parts to this framework and they do not need to go in order.

These are simply pieces that you can review as you’re outlining your episode content and decide what you’re going to talk about.

A Content Framework That Works

content strategy framework

First off in our content framework, we welcome people to the episode.

We share what we will be talking about in the show and we introduce ourselves.

After the welcome what we find to work incredibly well is to acknowledge the emotion.

When we’re recording content, we’re teaching or we’re doing an interview around someone and their story, there is an emotion involved.

Acknowledge the emotion behind what you’re going to talk about because this is what your audience is going to connect with.

Once you acknowledge the emotion then you share the insight that you’re trying to convey during your episode.

Every episode that you plan should be based on one specific topic and one fundamental insight.

All this insight is, is a new way of seeing something.

What you’re wanting to create here is an “aha” moment for your audience.

Help them click with whatever it is you’re trying to teach them.

Emotions, Core Concepts and Stories

content marketing framework

So, we’ve got our welcome, we’ve got our emotions and we have shared the insight.

Now we get into the teaching and the coaching.

This is where you will talk about whatever it is you’re teaching in that episode.

You may have a couple of bullet points to touch on during this section.

Once you’ve done that, you want to share stories.

Share stories that give context and real-life examples of the core message you’re trying to convey in your episode.

All a story does is take a lesson, idea, or concept and make it relatable.

A good story will help your audience see the benefit of following this lesson.

Once you share that story to back on the key insight, then we share the next steps.

We give them the call to action for where to go and what to do when they’re ready to implement what we’ve talked about.

This is where podcasting can connect with your business or brand.

Our Winning 6-Step Content Framework

podcast episode outline

That’s it.

That is the simple content framework to follow to create great episodes every time.

Quite simply it is:

  1. Welcoming.
  2. Emotion.
  3. Insights.
  4. Core Teaching.
  5. Stories.
  6. Next Steps.

If you would like to refer back to this framework, we have created a Podcast Episode Outline Template for you to follow.

When you’re planning out your episode, once you’ve thought of your core topic, you can use this template to outline what you’re going to talk about.

Once you start recording you can simply go through your bullet points.

This way you’re not stressing about it being perfect but you’re also not making it up on the spot.

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Ben Krueger is the founder of Cashflow Podcasting and he specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs amplify their impact through podcasting.  He’s a world traveller, outdoor sports junkie and future enthusiast!

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