Dan Andrews has been running two very successful podcasts (Lifestyle Business Podcast and Tropical Talk Radio) for several years. He’s a true fan of podcasting and has seen and heard many of the most common mistakes that newbie podcasters tend to make.

On this episode, Dan tells us some detailed steps we can take to avoid these beginner mistakes. The best part is, these are mistakes that both Dan and Ben have made in the past, so it all comes from experience.

What mistakes have you made in your podcast? Tell us in the comments below!

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What Other Listeners Are Saying

Highly recommended if you want to maximize your podcast’s impact! – Andrew Youderian

Boom! Ben is the go to guy for podcasting knowledge.  I’m already looking forward to the upcoming episodes. – Anton@ALKsense
I’ve gained so much insight from this podcast – Andy
It can be difficult to know which steps to take when you’re building a business. Podcasting is a great one. Ben knows how to grow a podcast as an integral part of a business. Listen! – Tim


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The real root of podcasting that you can use to be the best.
  • Why your guests shouldn’t have to introduce themselves.
  • How “choking” at sports is related to your podcast.
  • Why scripting out your podcast could be causing you to make more mistakes.
  • The connection between improv comedy and podcasting.




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