Are you looking for ways to improve your podcast by upping your interviewing skills? If so, then listen in, because on today’s episode of the Authority Engine Podcast, we discuss the 3 most common interview sins that most podcast hosts make.

By letting your personality shine through in your interviews and actually having fun with them, you will get more information that can really make you stand out. In this episode, I go solo again as I delve into the 3 common ways where most interviews fall flat, how you can turn it around, and amplify your authority to find your podcast hosting sweet spot.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • People love to hear personalities, not a boring repeat.
  • How to show your listeners you are knowledgeable and passionate.
  • The difference between clarifying, but DO NOT repeat your interviewee’s answers.
  • How to amplify your relationship that you have with your listeners.
  • The 3 common interview sins.

In the comments below:

Are you committing these sins? Go back and listen to your old episodes to find out! Share your experience.

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