Are you crystal clear about the client journey you’re taking your audience on?

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This is something a lot of people in the podcasting industry are not talking about enough.

Having a defined audience is an essential first step but you have to also understand where it is you’re helping them go.

A client journey allows you to identify where your target audience is, the challenges they will face ahead of them, and how you can help them get to the next step using your services.

Once you get clear on what your client journey is then marketing becomes ten times easier.

If you’re still unsure about who your target audience is, go back and watch Episode 6: How To Define Your Target Audience to have a better understanding of who you’re creating your show for.

Crafting Your Perfect Client Journey

Client Journey

The customer journey helps business podcasts to create personalized experiences specific to each touch-point and channel.

What are the challenges that your audience is facing?

Are there common problems that come up along their journey to success?

The answers to these questions will give you a real insight into what your customers want and any parts of your product, brand, or process that can help them get there.

The Business Podcast Roadmap is a great example of this.

This is a client journey that we have mapped out for our podcast clients at Cashflow Podcasting.

We have found that when a potential client first comes to us, they have an established business and know who their audience is.

These prospects are generally ready to build a deeper connection with their audience.

This is their starting point on our client journey.

The end goal for our customers is for them to have a podcast that is baked into their online marketing machine.

All they have to do once they get to this point is focus on sharing their expertise and growing their authority on the subject.

Taking Your Clients Along Their Journey

customer onboarding journey

Your client journey will be taking folks from the starting point to the end goal.

Just like a roadmap there is a clear and defined path for them to follow.

What people often forget is the importance of identifying the emotions people will be feeling at the different stages of the process.

Folks tend to feel listened to when you truly understand the emotions they are feeling at every stage of their journey.

This shows that you not only can empathize with them but you can help them work their way out of those emotions as well.

You can download our Business Podcast Roadmap here and use this as a template to model your own client journey.

Once you have that mapped out, prospects and clients are going to really resonate with the messaging you’re going to put out.


Because it is tailored to help them work through every single step.

An Effective Client Journey

client experience journey

If you feel like you’re having trouble identifying your prospective client’s problems don’t fear away from simply asking them.

Ask your target audience what it is that they struggle with the most.

Get them to help you identify the stages and emotions they feel at each stage.

As you are the professional and the expert in this field, take this feedback with a grain of salt.

You should be able to look at the bigger picture and see how you can really help them get through to the next stage.

Once you understand the client journey, then your content can follow each stage of the process.

This way you can ensure that your clients get their questions and concerns answered right away.

So, grab our Business Podcast Roadmap and get to work on mapping out your client journey.

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