You might think that in order to get the most out of podcasting as a marketing tool, you’d have to have your own show and your own audience. But you can get many of the same results by simply being a guest on other shows – as long as you give a great interview.

Our guest this week is proof that this technique works. Mojca Mars is the founder of Super Spicy Media, where she consults with clients about social media and the power of Facebook ads in particular.

Mojca went from being a big fan of podcasts to a guest beloved by hosts and audiences alike. Thanks to her preparedness and actionable advice, she’s turned guests spots on other shows into tangible results.

You can land awesome clients by being a great guest – and Mojca’s got some tips for how to be an interviewee any host will appreciate!

Mojca Mars talks about how quitting her job at an old-school ad agency opened the door for her to focus on what she was really fascinated by: Facebook ads! She also shares some of the business boosts she’s gained by being a podcast guest, including direct contact from prospects who turned into clients because they loved what she had to say.

Mojca then offers her recommendations for what you can do to be a great guest, how to be prepared for an interview, and what you can (and should!) do today if you’re serious about using podcasting to grow your authority.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why you’ll have to reach out to hosts first when you’re getting started on your own podcast publicity tour.
  • Mojca’s go-to email for asking podcasters to be on their shows.
  • How to prep for an interview so you sound confident while keeping it simple.
  • Why it’s so critical to provide actionable advice to an audience, no matter what kind of show you’re on.
  • What you can do today to take the first steps toward growing your network, connecting with clients, and building your authority in your industry!


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”New clients have been my number-one win from being a guest on podcasts.”” @MojcaMars“]

[spp-tweet “”Listeners don’t care if you don’t sound perfect – they want actionable tips!” @MojcaMars“]

[spp-tweet “”It’s a win-win-win: listeners are happy, the host is happy, and you’re happy.” @MojcaMars“]


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