You’ve done the hard work of starting a show, building an audience, and creating some valuable, well-produced content. So how do you monetize on what you’ve done? Our guest this week has the answer!

Kerry Lutz is the founder of the Financial Survival Network, a veteran podcaster, and author of the new book Viral Podcasting: A Proven Process to Earn a 6 Figure Income from Your ShowKerry is an expert at turning episode into dollars.

Content is king, and you’ve got to build a loyal audience. But once you’ve done these things, you’ve ready to explore sponsorships, affiliate programs, and other avenues for making money off of your podcast.

If you’re hoping to monetize all the hours you’ve put into your show, Kerry’s got some tips for you!

Kerry Lutz opens up about his own journey to podcasting and how he started making money on his own show. He describes the different monetization models and shares some pointers for picking the right model for you. He also reveals his own favorite ways to monetize and some of the lessons he’s learned from experimenting with his own podcast over the years.

Kerry then outlines the concrete steps you should take to make sure you get a return on your marketing, and how you can attract advertisers and sponsors. Kerry’s advice is invaluable – don’t miss this!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Which types of monetization are really difficult and which Kerry recommends.
  • Why you should focus on building your audience before monetizing.
  • The importance of knowing your target market inside and out before and after you’ve starting podcasting.
  • How to diversify your income streams from podcasting – from passive to active alike.
  • When advertising is too much for your audience, and how to know if you’re impacting your own business by having sponsors.


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”Build an audience first – the monetization will come eventually.”” @KerryLutz“]

[spp-tweet “”Do a business plan for your podcast. Cover all the bases.” @KerryLutz“]

[spp-tweet “”You don’t get points for originality in podcast sponsorship opportunities.” @KerryLutz“]


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