Podcasting isn’t just an excellent marketing tool for hosts – today’s guest, Connor Gillivan, would know!

Connor Gillivan is a co-founder of the freelancing platform Freeeup, which connects businesses needing to outsource work with talented, reliable, affordable freelancers.

It’s a pretty revolutionary business model, and it takes some skillful marketing to pull off. That’s where podcasting has come in, forming a unique and effective branch of Connor’s overall marketing strategy.

Connor isn’t a podcast host himself, but he’s used his guest spots on other shows to connect with other great entrepreneurs (and their niche audiences) to boost his business remarkably.

Connor Gillivan shares how Freeeup grew out of his own need for great freelancers. As a serial entrepreneur, he saw the opportunity to build a business that brought freelancers and busy entrepreneurs together. And with the plethora of entrepreneurship podcasts out there, he’s found a perfect way to market to his ideal audience while creating great relationships with other business owners.

Connor and I also talk about how he pitches himself to podcast hosts, why following up and being a proactive interviewee is so important, and what to do to make sure you’re providing great value to the audience. He also shares some of the common mistakes interviewees make that prevent them from turning listeners into customers.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why Connor decided to target podcasts as an effective marketing channel.
  • How Connor preps to make sure he’s a great interview guest.
  • The three essential steps for generating results from a podcast interview.
  • Why being on podcasts has been such a great way to build rapport with hosts and audiences alike.
  • How to scale your efforts and get more success as a podcast guest.


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”Keep in touch with a host leading up to your interview. Make sure you can provide as much value as possible.”” @ConnorGillivan“]

[spp-tweet “”Your most loyal customers are going to be interested in referring you to their friends…give them a good reason to do it.” @ConnorGillivan“]

[spp-tweet “”As a guest, you always want to have a specific place to send listeners, or an offer to give out to the audience.””@ConnorGillivan“]


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