Although this week’s guest wasn’t too sure about podcasting at first, since he started his own show he’s been on a roll.

Kurt Elster is the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast and a prime example of someone who’s used podcasting to build authority and drive clients to his consulting firm.

Kurt is the founder of consulting firm Ethercycle and helps Shopify storeowners uncover and capitalize on the hidden profits in their online stores. By finding and committing to a niche subject, Kurt’s made helping eCommerce professionals into a profitable business.

Kurt’s found podcasting to be a fun, genuine, and powerful way to connect with his audience – and he’s sharing his experience with us!

Kurt Elster shares how he discovered podcasting and eventually worked up the courage to start his own show. He talks about the experimentation phase of his show, why choosing a niche was an essential step, and how committing to a publishing schedule led to a more professional, rapidly growing show.

Kurt and I discuss the ways his podcast has positively affected his business, from raising his profile to helping him meet clients. He gives us tips about conversions, why you don’t have to promote yourself super hard on your show, and how to get started.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How Kurt was slowly convinced to start his own podcast.
  • What the process of discovering a niche was like, and why being a Shopify expert gave Kurt extra authority.
  • Why it’s essential that you’re passionate about your show’s subject – and how your audience can tell if you’re not!
  • The varied ways Kurt’s podcast has allowed him to convert listeners and guests into clients.
  • Kurt’s advice for those of you considering starting your own podcast.

Power Concepts:

“I had prospects get on the phone and say they felt like they already knew me.” @kurtinc

“The episodes with the highest engagement and the most listens aren’t correlated.” @kurtinc


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